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Hardware  * 2x 5548UPs in vPC domain (v6.0.2)* 2x FEX units* 2x XenServer 6.1* 2x 10GB NICs bound using active-active LACP per XenServerScenario   * Attempting to connect XenServer to N5Ks* Dual homed FEX design* Utilizing enhanced vPC to dual-homed ...

djensen by Level 1
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We have just configured OTV on an ISP link between two datacenters. After everything was set up we found out about the 42bytes of overhead and the DF bit being set. Naturally that isn't working out on a 1500 MTU network. Our ISP won't raise the MTU t...

Hiwe like to use N5548 and N5020 in same VPC.. Is it possible.. or must be switches of same typeWe did configuration and VPC is formed... just VPC consistency check shows type 2 errors for some Network Qos stuffDo you see it as issue?thanks

m.sir by Level 7
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I'm trying to create a VPC between two 5ks to a single server but when I bring them up the VPC never changes from the down state.... Below shows the config of each and some show commands. It seems like 5k2 hasn't performed a consistency check but 5k1...

Hi, On the 55xxUP switches, do I need to purchase the N55-8P-SSK9 license to use FCoE as well as native FC, or is this license specific to native FC ports?Does the N55-M16UP module require the license as well? I seem to recall seeing a document indic...

rrfield by Level 1
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hello, how to login  the admin_vdc ?i have create 2 vdcs , one vdc named 2 ip configured  the admin vdc doesn't configured ip address now i can login in the vdc 2 via , but i can't use switchback to admin vdc , how i can login i...

Hi, Am a newbie to the nexus switches.we are planning to have nexus switches for our new datacenter.Our requirements are simple. we need to have around 300 edge ports (with support for 1 and 10G copper). for the edge layer, we are planning to have 1...

Hi all,during a troubleshooting analisys I've noted a lot of drops on some of Nexus1000v interfaces. The 1000v is in an architecture with N7k-UCS FI 6296-UCS blade M series- Vmware Esxi5.11000v version is 4.2(1)SV1(5.2)In particular the drops occurre...

fedcre by Level 1
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hello , i got some questions on cisco n7k modules about namingis there any documents about the naming method ?for example,N7K-F248XT-25E= , what's the meaning of 25 and = ?thank you

Hi,  Scenario is as follows:  Data Center 1 - N7K-1, N7K-2. Data Center 2 - N7K-3, N7K-4.  N7K-1 is the primary adjacency server N7K-3 is the secondary adjacency server  Can't seem to find any sample config showing redundant OTV adjacency server conf...

e-chuah by Level 1
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Hello,we have a 2 server cluster and we need to establish a multicast comunication between the servers.The servers are located in 2 diferent DataCenters on Nexus5000 with NX-OS v 5.0 and there is a fiber connection between de Nexus.Servers are virtua...

skrowocsic by Level 1
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