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OnPlus EoL FAQ


** Please note change on 9/5: **

New or changed lifecycle infromation pertaining to existing product inventory will not be maintained, and alerts will not be sent.

To get lifecycle information on your network inventory, please use Cisco Active Advisor (CAA) at

The service is similar to the Scanner and Lifecycle functions in OnPlus, is free and can be accessed using your credentials.

Q: Why did Cisco End-of-Life OnPlus

A: With the acquisition of Meraki in late 2012, Meraki became Cisco's primary cloud management solution for network infrastructure. Due to this large investment, the very tough decision was made to invest more heavily in Meraki.

Q: When is the End of Sale of OnPlus ON100 Network Agents

A: Cisco will continue selling OnPlus ON100 Network Agents until August 5th, 2013 through distribution. Some resellers may have ON100 Network Agents in stock and may continue them beyond this time.

Q: Does the End of Life announcement affect OnPlus Scanner as well?

A: The Scanner, Inventory management and Lifecycle data functionality are available in Cisco Active Advisor.

Cisco Active Advisor (CAA) is free, and can be accessed at using your credentials.

Please note, the information stored in OnPlus will not be automatically transferred to CAA, so a new scan is required to populate your account

Q: Will all existing features continue to be supported?

A: New or changed lifecycle information about your existing inventory products will not be alerted for. All other features will remain maintained until last day of operation.

Q: How long will the OnPlus Portal be available for use?

A: The OnPlus Portal will be maintained by the OnPlus team and available for use for 1 year following the ON100 End of Sale date. The last day of operation will be August 5th, 2014.

Until this time, you may install new ON100s on networks, and no impact will be noticed on existing managed networks with ON100.

Q: Will the OnPlus team continue to develop new features until its last day or service?

A: We will continue to support the service to maintain a committed SLA and will support existing features, however we don’t have any plans to add new features to OnPlus. New feature requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What if I encounter a problem, and I need support for OnPlus?

A: Support is included with every purchase of an OnPlus Subscription, and is supported by Small Business Support Center. We will continue to fully support OnPlus until its last day of operation, so you may call SBSC with Support issues and questions until August 5th, 2014.  You can call or email our support center for more information.

Q: I’ve recently installed an ON100, but I wont be able to make use of the complete duration of the 3-year subscription. What can I do?

A: An OnPlus subscription includes 3 years of service, and is included with every purchase of an ON100 Network Agent. If by the time the service has terminated 3 years have not expired since an ON100’s installation, you may request a refund from Cisco for the remaining amount of time of the subscription, based on ON100-K9 street price of $177.00.

You may submit this request to Cisco starting on August 6th, 2014.

For example: If I’ve installed an ON100 on a managed network on August 5th, 2012, by August 5th 2014 I will use only 2 years out of the 3-year subscription I’m entitled to, and will not be able to utilize 1 /3 of it (1 year).

On August 6th, 2014, I can request a refund of $59 from Cisco for the remaining 1/3 of my license, based on ON100-K9 street price of $177 ($177.00 * 1/ 3 = $59.00)

Q: Does this affect any other products?

A: No. This does not affect any other Cisco product.

Q: What other management offerings from Cisco can I evaluate?

A: Cisco offers other network management solutions; these that are most suitable for managing Small-Medium sized networks.

Cisco Network Assistant is a PC-based network management application for wired and wireless LANs, that simplifies many common networking activities for switches, routers, WLCs and Access Points. Using an intuitive GUI, users can apply common services such as Configuration management, inventory discovery and reports, Event notification, drag-and-drop Cisco IOS software upgrades.

In its current version, Cisco Network Assistant does not support Cisco Small Business products, but we will be adding support for those in upcoming releases.

Learn more at:

Cisco Meraki Cloud Management is a cloud-based service that centrally manages campus and multi-site networks, while providing integrated network-wide visibility and control. Meraki devices are simply installed using a zero-touch device provisioning mechanism.

Learn more at:



Is there any chance that the software that was used and access to the device would be shared with the community?




Hello Cindy,

Please advise how the OnPlus Advanced Reporting Features on the following products will be replaced. Discontinuing OnPlus significantly hurts the special tied in reporting features of ISA550 and ISA570 Series Firewall and ESW2 Network Switches.

Thank you.


I know I'm not Cindy, but this is a challenge I will have to overcome as well. I haven't tested it yet but I believe all the reporting is directly available on the ISA500. It may not be a consolidated report, but that OnPlus reporting function isn't working that well right now anyway. I can't comment on the other device.

cindy toy
Rising star

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay .  Since I am not the product manager for OnPlus, I do not have answers for your questions. I have sent out requests to the product team and am still waiting for a reponse from them. I suggest that the best thing to do at is call the Small Business Support Center and speak with an engineer. The contact information is located here:

Cindy Toy


Cisco Small Business Community Manager

twitter: CiscoSBsupport


Wow, this is absolutely terrible.

None of the suggested replacements can replace the on-plus functionality 100%... especially at the SMB pricing the on-plus offered.

As an SMB solution provider, I'm extremely dissapointed in Cisco! You have taken a fantastic product away from us. The Merakai Cloud Managment solution does not allow me to monitor and alert on all the devices that the on-plus did. Merakai is all network based, with on-plus I could monitor workstations servers, and other devices.

This is just another decision that shows people that Cisco's initiative to enhance their SMB offerings is all just smoke and mirrors. Cisco provides a fantastic SMB product, then cancels it to push SMB into a much more limited enterprise product with enterprise pricing.

So very dissappointed Cisco, so very dissappointed.


Have to agree with previous post. Not really an alternative product that Cisco is offering in replacement of the Onplus portal. We purchased quite a few of these and enjoyed selling Cisco products knowing we could monitor/support them easily with not a lot of maintenance and no extra Linux/windows box sitting on site with 2-3 other software tools.

What will happen to our current customers on the portal? Will they just disappear on August 14th and VAR's will need to make arrangements to monitor them with other platforms?

Community Member

How/where do we apply for the refund of the remainder of our 3 year subscription as mentioned above?


Please post info on how we apply for a refund. Thank you!!!


I would like to know that too. Thanks!

cindy toy
Rising star

Please call the Small Business Support Center to get your refund started.  Make sure you have your proof of purchase available.  Contact information for the Small Business Support Center is located here:


cindy toy
Rising star

Please call the Small Business Support Center to get your refund started.  Make sure you have your proof of purchase available.  Contact information for the Small Business Support Center is located here:


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