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The increased demand for SIP trunking has caused the need to validate the interoperability of Cisco’s Unified Communications products to service providers’ SIP networks. Cisco maintains a list on the support community of all known validated SIP trunk ITSPs for BE3000.

How can additional Service Providers be added to the list? Easy,  Service Provider or an accredited partner must follow the process  described here (Registered partners only). Process is summarized in following steps:

The process is:

  1. Service Provider express interest on certifying BE 3000 SIP  trunk and be listed. For this we recommend Service Providers contact  your Cisco Account Manager, or send an email to
  2. After Service Provider validation, Cisco provides getting started documents (Registered partners only).
  3. Service Provider Engineer Installs Advanced Connection pack.
  4. Service Provider performs Self-testing according to the provided BE3000 sample SP SIP Master Test plan  (note we assume you have already a BE 3000 unit, if not the case, your Cisco Account Manager may be able to source you one).
  5. After tests are completed, SP sends the test plan results, the test sniffer traces, a screen capture of BE3000 SIP trunk Configuration and CLI configuration of CUBE. 
  6. With this information, Cisco completes the SIP trunk configuration document and posts it on the support community.

Any questions or comments about the process, please contact your Cisco Account Manager or

For list of Service Providers that have validated thier SIP trunk with the Cisco Business Edition 3000, please click here.


Is CUBE Mandatory to configure SIP trunk on BE3000 ?

Seemed that way when I was testing a unit out - thought it was rather silly given the UC boxes it's supposed to be replacing can do SIP natively, adding the extra CUBE ISR onto the kit list really pushes the cost up!

Yes.... You need CUBE for Sip trunk. SIP trunk is connected to the service provider through the Cisco

Unified Border Element (CUBE) on Cisco ISR8xx Series (Integrated Services Router). The parameters

on the Cisco Business Edition 3000 for the SIP trunk connection are preconfigured to support general

SIP trunk functionalities.

Cisco TAC provides support for Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) only. For other

sessions, contact your service providers.


Chandra Mouli

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