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This presentation describes very briefly the three options for CDR collection in UC500: 1) using a Syslog Server (Easy implementation) 2) Using an FTP Server (Easy and Reliable Implementation) 3) Using a Radius Server (Advanced Implementation) Advantages and disadvantages of each one are discussed. Details about CDR implementation, CDR fields and attributes can be found on:
Luis Giraldo
Level 1
Level 1

Great presentation - although I'm now unsure about the compatibility of the required version of IOS for my system, as the presentation mentions that 12.4(20)T is required, but the IOS installed with the latest package update on my UC520 is 12.4(11)XW9 (uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.124-11.XW9).

Any suggestions?



For FTP CDR's you need 12.4(20)T or later. A number of Early Adopter packages provide the latest IOS:



Community Member

I am looking for the proper configuration for sending  CDR's to RADIUS that capture a user-specified Account Code (a.k.a. billing code).

I have configured a softkey for "Acct" and can enter an Account code during a call. I can see the Account Code (for example: 4444)  appear in "show call active voice" and also in "debug radius accounting". However, I cannot get the account code to appear in the RADIUS server logging. I think I am passing the VSA's from the gateway to RADIUS using "radius-server vsa send accounting" and "acct-template callhistory-detail" I only see what appears to be basic logging in RADIUS for the call start and stop. The RADIUS server I am using is Windows 2003 Server's IAS service and that is set to "cisco" as the type.

I think this info could be useful to any partner who has been asked to capture user-specified billing codes in CME or UC520 for customers such as Law firms.

After viewing your PowerPoint, my resource for configuration guidance is "CDR Accounting For Cisco IOS Gatways". I am not getting the full picture here.

Please provide any guidance you can



Check out this document I just created:

Let me know how it goes.


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