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Dear  Cisco Partners,

The Cisco CCA team announces the availability of the latest release of  Cisco® Configuration Assistant. CCA Version 3.2.3 is a maintenance  release focused on quality improvements and a few enhacements. Cisco  Configuration Assistant is an easy-to-use interface for managing  platforms within the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS)   and Cisco UC 500 Systems.

The following enhancements have been added to the user interface:

  • Users and Phones Export
  • Extension Mobility Feature Ring and SIP support
  • Simple form to configure Incoming Dial Plans
  • Search Menu

UC500 SWP:

UC500 SWP 8.6.2 contains following updates:

IOS 15.1(4)M6

SPA Phone Firmware 7.5.2c (models 30x-50x, 525) & 7.5.2d (51x)

IOS 15.1(4)M6 Highlights:

CSCud25043: WebVPN enabled gateway crashed on IOS 15.1(4)M5 due to SSLVPN_PROCESS

CSCtn08613: Crash interfacing with UCCX when UC560 making consult transfer calls

CSCua12998: 'no outbound-proxy' configuration fails for each voice register pool

IOS 15.1(4)M6 full release notes:

SPA Phone Firmware 7.5.2c+ Highlights:

CSCue62918: UTF-8 not displayed correctly for DIR apps.

CSCub56410: UC500 French locale display issue.

CSCud36606/CSCtw80367: Phone losing BLF subscription in SPCP mode.

CSCue25835: Phone crashes with 302 redirect during provisioning.

CSCue27856/CSCue17551: Freezes during Broadsoft and LLDP directory search.

CSCug75057:  SPA514 phones lock up randomly

Cisco Configuration Assistant

CCA 3.2.3 Highlights:

CSCue46560: 7937 conference phone reloads when locale configured in CCA

CSCuf65795: Jabber on iPhone not registering; add ability to set TFTP Server Source

CSCuf74498: Few mail box entry does not show up after a refresh in Fax to mail page

CSCud23425: Changing DHCP Default Router will change interface address

CSCue74214: Add ability to generate 1024 bit certificates

CSCuf56363: Add ability to select chap/pap for dialer authentication

CSCue24048: Restrict Secondary Destination in SNR for calls from FXO PSTN

CSCue58233: Add gain configuration in UC500 conference configuration

CSCtj58651: Switchport association not modified for new Voice Vlan ID

CSCue07443: Support Search Menu

CSCue30093: Extended Monitor UI for User and Phone Extensions

CSCue02187: Support Extension Mobility for SIP Phones

CSCue29715: Export a User Extension Configuration to a file

CSCtw66748: UC560 fails due to corruption while backing up CUE data.

CSCuh40659: In CCA, the phone region field is not populated on locale install wizard screen.

CSCug71703: The maximum length of CFNA number sholuld be more than 16 digits for CCA.

CSCuh37705: Incorrect configuration creates additional trunk group for FXO ports with space.

CSCug76806: CCA fails to add outgoing dial plan after adding certain limited number of entries to the dial plan

Thank you.

CCA Team


Great to see some updates, but when is the next upgrade/update as opposed to a maintenance release expected?


Thomas Gruendler

Will proabably never happen since they are going EOL.  Just maintenance releases from now on.


Tom is correct. There are not going to be any further major upgrades. The goal is to maintain the current feature set at a very stable state.

Community Member

I need download the software but I don't have privileges because other thirth party company configure the equitment.

Brian Rapier

Not sure if you sorted this out or not, but if you open the CCA, on the left click on "Partner Connection" then click on the "UC500 Software pack" link.

It will take you to a location where you can d/l the software pack.

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