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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Attached XML dictionaries for SPA525G IP Phone, version 7.4.x (last version is 7.4.6)

- Danish (dk) - New

- English (en)

- French (fr)

- German (de)

- Italian (it)

- Dutch (nl)

- Norwegian (no) - New

- Portuguese (pt) - New

- Russian (ru) - New

- Spanish (es)

- Spanish - Mexico (es_mx) - New

- Swedish (se) - New

- Czech - New [Thanks to Tomáš ]

Level 1
Level 1

how do i push the dutch language to the SPA525G through CCA on a UC520?

Level 4
Level 4

What version of CCA are you using?

Level 1
Level 1


Level 1
Level 1

Hi Anthony,

i'm using cca 2.2.5 and have the latest UC520-8.0.4 software.

But unfortunately this version doesn't contain the latest firmware version 7.4.6 . I couldn't find a way to push the firmware to the phone through cca .. I have a guide how to do it through cli but i rather use cca.

Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

drag and drop SPA Phone Loads into CCA

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Steven,

It worked, but everytime the SPA525G reboots it says (after the cisco logo) upgrading to: spa525G-7-4-4.

Just before that i uploaded through drag and drop the latest 7-4-6 firmware.

I added the following files:

But when i look at the menus the phone is still en English and the firmware is still 7.4.4. This compared to the SPA504G that is completely ok with dutch languages etc.

I'll do a factory reset on the SPA525G..maybe it will pickup the latest 746 firmware from the UC500. I'll update this post in 1 minute

Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Make sure you unzio and extract just the .bin to your PC and drag and drop it to the UC500, then reset (not factory; just reset) the phone

Level 1
Level 1

it works. the phone is upgraded to 7-4-6.

But somehow it doesn't get the correct language compared to the 504G.

All the region, call progress, phone language and vm language settings are set to netherlands and dutch.

Level 1
Level 1

I even drag&dropped the dictionary zip file to the uc500 but still it does not show the correct language in the menu.

the output from cca when i did the drag&drop is as follows:

Testing TFTP connection to the device
TFTP Connection Test: PASS
Extracting J:\Software\IP Phones\ to local directory.
Copying spa525_de_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_dk_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_en_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_es_mx_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_es_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_fr_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_it_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_nl_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_no_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_pt_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Copying spa525_se_v746.xml to flash:phones/525 directory.
Changing running config to use uploaded dictionary.
Resetting user and network locale.
Saving running configuration to startup configuration
Reloading phones
Restting phones.
Phone dictionary update is complete.

when i load the device configuration page of the SPA525G i see the following info:

Network Configuration
TFTP Server: Manager:
Directories URL:
Messages URL:
Services URL:
Authentication URL:
DHCP Address Released:Erase Configuration:
Last TFTP Server:

Locale Settings
User Locale:Dutch_NetherlandsNetwork Locale:Netherlands

Character Encoding:


Product Information
Product Name:SPA525GSerial Number:CBT1337003Y
Software Version:7.4.6Hardware Version:1.0.0
MAC Address:0023EBED15E4Client Certificate:Installed
Call Control Protocol:SCCP

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Steven,

did you have time to check my last post on updating the language on the SPA525G?

Best regards

Level 1
Level 1


what can i do, if i want them to work with 7-4-7?

kind regards


When do you plan to release Russian dictionary for 7.4.x? I can contribute efforts towards making a translation. Let me know.

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