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Cisco SG200-50 admin issue

I inhereited a network setup when I was hired in Febrary of this year, and I'm still figuring things out.

I have 2 switches in a server rack.

One is a Cisco SLM2048, Ip address

I can log in and administer it fine.

The second is a SG200-50, IP address is unkown, I was told it's default is as well. Checking all the other IP address useing several different scanning tools (spiceworks, The Dude, etc..) does not turn up any other cisco switches. (I know these are the only 2)

The switches are connected vi a patch cord at port 48 on both.

My question is how can I get to the admin on the SG200-50?

I've connected directly to the switch with a lap top with no success. Everything I try just gives me the SLM2048 admin.

Tom Watts

Hi Ron, is the system light blinking on the SG200 switch? If so, this is indicative it has received a DHCP address.

It may not be a bad idea to disconnect that switch from the network then remove the power, let it set a few minutes, repower on and then try to get to it on the

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

The system light is solid.

I'll see if I can schedule some time off hours to try that.


Hello Ron,

The system light is solid means, default IP is changed. Can you directly connect to SG200-50. If yes, make your laptop LAN as DHCP (Network and Sharing > Ethernet > Properties > IPv4). Then go to Network and Sharing > Ethernet > Details. You may be able to see the switch address as default gateway.




Good job.


I tried that and it didn't work. It showed the regular default gateway.

Rising star


What is providing DHCP on the LAN? Have you checked the DHCP table to see if the switch is getting an IP from it?

When you log into the first switch and check the settings for port 48, is there more than one VLAN associated? If so then the other switch could be on a different subnet.

If both of the switches have the same IP you may only reach one every time you try to connect.

Plug your PC directly into the SG200-50, unplug port 48 linking the switches and try to ping (Make sure your PC has an IP address in the same subnet of course) If you do not get a reply, scan the network with Angry IP scanner (or other utility) and see if you can find the IP of the switch. It may be helpful to remove ALL devices from the switch first.

If you still cannot find the switch IP address, please reply with some more detail about the network (topology) so we can give you more ideas to try.

- Marty

DHCP is provided by a Sonicwall firewall. As far as I can tell, it's not getting an address from dhcp.

A check of port 48 shows no vlans. I don't think the non IT people that set the network up in the beginning know what a vlan is.

I have scanned the network with several tools but not with the switch isolated. I can't isolate it until I can come in during non work hours.

AS far as topology goes it's a star. A T1 connects to the Sonicwall. The sonicwall conects to the SG200-50 which is also linked to the SLM2048. The internal users at this physical site are connected to the SG200. 3 servers and a few other devices (I've not been able to trace) are connected to the SLM2048. There are a lot of dead connections with cables plugged into the 2048. They did a major recabling 2 years ago and I'm pretty sure most of thes go to areas of the building that no longer are used for offices.

We also have l vpn connections to our 22 other locations managed by the sonicwall, and a vpn server running Corente software.