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AP 541N - Problems with Clustering Function


we have got 3 Cisco APs 541N with firmware version 9.2.2 and want to set up the cluster function for those APs.

Here is the problem:

Before enabling the cluster you can ping all three APs located in the same local network with a delay of 1ms or below.

If the cluster is enabled the pings for one AP rise above 200 ms in a random way (see attached file).

Moreover users connected to that AP are more likely to lose the connection or experience delay.

Do the APs communicate through LAN or WLAN ?

Does anyone know what could be the cause of the problem?


Regards Richard

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

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Tom Watts

Hi NIC, the clusters communicate through the WLAN (a poe switch is not required for network connectivity). Looking at the ping, this seems pretty normal. Most of the time as 1 ms and a few spike up. You may even see 1 packet drop out of every 100-200. Which is also normal.

If you feel there is a problem, you may not be getting a weak enough signal to fall to the next device, therefore, sort of hitting a void zone where your signal is good enough to hold on to the original connection but not weak enough to resume on the closest vicinity AP.

You can try to test this theory by moving to close proximity of each AP, disconnect from the wireless and reconnect. Ultimately, I think you will see the same behavior.

If you feel it is firmware related, since the was released April of this year, try the previous release and test this. However, I don't feel it is a firmware issue, since I've had these working fine in the previous months with up to 8 devices at customer premises.

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Hi Tom,

thanks for the reply.

I guess our problem is related to the Wireless connection between those 3 APs. Enabling the cluster only for 2 of those APs which are in range of each other (about 30m / 90 ft) the cluster is running normal.

But when enabling it on an AP at the other side of the building where the signal might be not good enough we have those problems.

This morning I was sitting right next to that particular AP. Without the cluster enabled there were almost no drops at all but as soon as I enabled the cluster I had 5 losses out of 50 to the standard gateway.

I will try to move that AP closer to the others and see whats happening.

Again, thanks for your post.