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Visibility of 3750 Stack Switches on SCH Portal

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We have implemented Smart Call Home in one of our customer network. Customer has 34 3750 switches configured in stack. We have done SCH configuration for all 34 devices, problem over here is on SCH portal under “Global Summary Report” only 17 switches are reflecting however in “Device Report” all 34 devices are reflecting.

Can you please confirm/suggest to whom we can coordinate to resolve “Global Summary Report” discrepancy issue.

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Bryan Williams

Hi Shiv,

From the data in Smart Call Home, it seems your customer has 34 devices in 17 stacks.  The reports are simply different views of that data. 

The "Device Report" initially lists 34 devices.  Drill down on any device in a stack and you will be presented with a list of all devices in that stack.  Export that list and you will find 17 unique host names.

The "Summary Report" initially lists 17 devices, one device per stack.  Certain elements of the report, like the software version, reports 34 devices.

Hi William,

Yes, that we've already checked and able to find complete detail of all 34 devices.

Our problem over here is about the device count under "Global Summary Report".  Do you know is there any way to reflect all 34 devices in Global Summary Report instead of 17 devices?


Shiv Kumar Goel

That is not an option in the current report.  We can certainly raise a bug with engineering if you believe the current behavior is incorrect.  I'll start a thread with Product Management so that we can understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Note that "Total Number of Devices" in the header, and "Device Count" under "Product Summary" are both links.  Both links lead to the Device Report which shows 34 devices.

Thanks Bryan,

I would request you to raise a bug with engineering team to have data count accuracy on "Global Summary Report" with respect to stack devices.


Shiv Kumar Goel

When a stack boots, each stack of switches determines a master switch. The master switch is the switch handling coordination for all of the other switches in the stack and outside communication.

It looks like the global summary report is reporting only the master switch for the stack. This makes sense to me. All of the other switches in the stack are suppose to be invisible to the outside world and the stack is supposed to operate as a single virtual switch. Since it is a virtual switch, each virtual switch should be counted once as a single entity.

All of the devices in the stack are available for view if you drill down, but from a Smart Call Home view, only the stack master is communicating with Smart Call Home.

But the bottom line is this is only software and can be written differently if it is too confusing to the customer.

You point is valid Lawrence. We gave same justification to customer and also showed them how they can drill down their all devices configured in stack. However customer insisiting us to do an amendment in SCH portal so that all of their device count should reflect as an individual entiity in "Global Summary Report". 

Same concern brought up other customer Kotak Mahindra.

With the help of Bryan Williams we are trying to exlore the possibility to get the requested changes done by having bug raise with engineering team.


We have a inconsistent behavior with the 3750X stacks. All have the same IOS version and same SCH configuration. However, some stacks register only two switches in the stack, some only one. Only 22 out of 47 swcithes are shown on the report. btw, SCH does not register the master it register switch "1" in the satck.

This could be happening for a few reasons. Smart Call Home only registers under the master in the stack and looks like a single virtual switch. But if the master switch changes in the stack, it can register 2 different masters. In addition, if the switch loses communication with the master for any reason, it will become a standalone switch and register with Smart Call Home. The logs would indicate (since last reboot) if any of this occurred. Smart Call Home will tell you when the new non-master switches registered. If you can correlate an event like that then that's what happened.

If not, please open a TAC case. We would have to troubleshoot the call home behavior on the switch if it is still a subordinate switch sending in call home messages.

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