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CSPC unable to login to GUI, but ok via CLI


CSPC unable to login to GUI, but ok via CLI

Hello everyone .
We had after 90 days of password policy to reset 3: Admin, root and CollectorLogin and they were successfully reset. We accessed the box via SSH without any problems.
However, the GUI password has expired and for a reason we do not understand the security questions have been changed and neither I nor the administrator know the password or how to reset it.

1 - Can we run the schedule job via CLI anyway?
2 - Even with OPT and secret questions we have no way to reset, is there any solution?

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here is the proceedure :


If you lost the "admin" password for the CLI, but you have the "collectorlogin" and "root" passwords:

1. SSH into the collector using the "collectorlogin" instead of "admin"

2. Run the command "sudo passwd admin"

3. Enter the root password at the prompt

4. You can now SSH in using "admin"

If you lost the "Admin123" password for the GUI:

1. Log into the GUI using with the default username "admin" and password "Admin#123"

2. Select Administration > Manage Users

3. Either change the "Admin123" password to something you know, or create a new user (recommended)

4. Do NOT change the password for the "admin" GUI user. That will break everything.

If you lost:

- the "admin" password for CLI and you don't have the "collectorlogin" and "root"

- the GUI password for "Admin123" and you changed the password for the GUI "admin" account

1. You will need to re-deploy the collector


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Hello @balaji.bandi 


I have a similar problem, am able to login on the CLI using admin, and collectorlogin, i also have the root password. The problem is that for GUI i was using the admin account and its password has expired, i am unable to change the password because the security questions are not working. 


Can i reset the admin GUI account within the CLI so that it does not ask me to put the security questions when logging in?

I have never used the admin123 account, can i be able to login wuth this account? what is the default password?

Is there any way to bypass the security questions when resetting the password?



yes follow the instructions given to reset password from cli.


or follow here :





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How to Ask The Cisco Community for Help

@balaji.bandi  the above instrunctions are for resetting the CLI password for admin, and am still getting the message that my admin password has expired and needs to be reset when logging in to GUI, same problem as before.


Can i create a new GUI user from CLI maybe?



CSPC no longer have have default passwords after the versions 2.6 and 2.7 which are EOL and EOS

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