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i have a question, can we replace Nexus 5548 which acts as NPIV SAN switch, with another switch Nexus 93180YC-Fx with NX-OS version 9.3(5) and ACI-STRG license, I want to know if the nexus 9k can provide the same functionality (NPIV, foce ) that offe...

Hi All,I want to search for a wwn in show fcns database detail commandswitch# show fcns database | include fc:580x830045    N     xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:fc:58 (HP) However this command does not give me the rest of the important details which would be norm...

Resolved! Powering off 9509

No flogi logins, we are decommissioning this director. On the back there are two power modules and a knob that O or install, Run I. So it looks like the knob needs and the power supply removed. it this correct? It's been 8 years since I shut this dow...

Hello, We are trying to add MDS 9148 version 6.2(9) into IBM Spectrum Monitoring tool using SNMP v3 but we are not able to do so. During adding device, spectrum gives error. We followed following link but its not working, not sure what is mistake. ht...

Hi all, I know there is plenty online about basic vs enhanced, but I can’t seem to find answers to a couple of questions I have about it, hoping someone can help.1. is the ‘zoneset name distribute full’ command a one time thing or does it need to be ...

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Say I have a ACI v5.2 fabric. I want also to forward FCoE or native FC traffic through the leaf to my MDS SAN. I read through "Fibre Channel NVP" and "FCoE Connections" chapters in the configuration guide. The configuration steps seem pretty straight...

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