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Questions on setup my SG-300-10MP switch

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hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for your help in advanced. I never been in this community before.

I just got the new SG-300 switches. My manager ordered for me. I did not know how it runs until now... not an IOS based. I really do not know how to configure it.

Anyway, I have a 3750 switch configured already in a new site. It has two vlans, one is vlan 11 for PC, and one is for VOIP vlan 320. It has auto qos running as well. I just setup a trunk for the new SG-300 switch.

Now on the new small switch SG 300...I have some questions:

1.) I also created two vlans, one is VLAN11 (for PC), and one is VLAN 320. For this one I go to the Web-GUI and assign the 320 to the VOICE Vlan. I also changed the CoS to 5 (from 6). Are these ok?

2.) On the port number 9, it is trunk by default, so I add both 11 and 320 to the trunk and leave the rest settings default. It is ok too right?

3.) On a Access port #1, which will have a IP phone attached with a PC plug in. What I did is to change the Interface Vlan mode to "GENERAL". Is that right? I also "CHECK" the Auto Voice VLAN Membership box. And the Voice VLAN QoS mode leaves it as Telephony Source MAC ADDRESS. Did I do all these right?

4.) Finally, for the QoS part...I leave them all default untouch - which is the Basic QoS defualt... I am not sure if this will be fine. I know the enterprise switch can assign an Auto-QOS command and it would do all the config itself. Or may you mind if you would share your QoS config settings?

I am more concerned about the QoS settings here. Hope you can help.

Thank you very much.

Takami Chiro

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Hello Takami,

There is no need to add the Voice Vlan manually to the phone if the phone supports LLDP.

What you need to do to have the phone assigned to the VLAN automatically is the following :

1. Enable LLDP-MED globally

2. Create an LLDP-MED Network Policy for Voice and define the VLAN in it

3. Assign the policy to the port.

Of course the ports that connect the phone either have to be Trunk ports ( with data VLAN untagged and Voice Vlan tagged) if there is a computer connected behind the phone, or you can set it to Access if only a phone is connected (Voice Vlan untagged).

If this would not be clear to you, just drop me a line, I could send you a document which describes the procedure step-by-step.

Best regards,

Hi David, Nummil, and e.cormier,

I will take sometime to try it and hopefully this time will work. Stay in touch. Thank you very much for all the detailed explained here by everyone here.

Takami Chiro

Hi Nimusell,

Thank you for your details before. Now I followed your instruction, and referred to the note you put down early in this forum. I found that you said "To enable auto vlan on the port" where the phone attached to. I think, again, the port for the phone connected to should be set as Trunk (including the data and voice vlans). And you said to "Enable auto vlan".... are you talking about check the box on "Auto Vlan Membership" on the box?  Now I checked on the port, and it said " Port g1 is Static and can't be candidate in voice vlan 320". Did I do anything wrong.

I followed your instruction on setting up LLDP MED. I also assign vlan 320, my voice vlan, to Voice Vlan properties on the switch.

Please help....

Thank you very much again!

Takami Chiro


Actually there are 2 ways of having the phone assigned to the Voice Vlan (Vlan 320 in your case), the LLDP-med settings are to have the VLAN assigned to the phone settings, not to the switch.

For the switch, you can either assign VLAN320 to the port statically or have the Voice Vlan assigned dynamically to the port when a phone is connected.

The first option, assigning the Voice Vlan statically of course is the easiest way to go.

To achieve the second option, the port also must be in trunk or general mode, the voice vlan can not be assigned statically to the port, and auto voice vlan membership must be enabled on the port.

Second thing to do when trying to use this dynamical assignment, is to add the telephone's OUI (the first 3 octets of the MAC address separeted by dashes "-") to the Telephony OUI section in the switch.

This way, initially the port is not a member of the voice vlan, but when you connect a phone and the OUI of the vendor is recognized, the switch will automatically assign Vlan 320 to the port, and the phone will get it's Vlan settings through LLDP-MED. When the phone is connected, you will see that the port has automatically been added to Vlan 320.

Hope this clarifies the answer

Best regards,


First, thank you very much again to everyone trying to help here. Finally, following Nimusell's instruction it works!!

Hi Nimusell, thank you again! I would like to review what I have done, and still have couple minor questions. Please help one more

# Summary of what I need and what I did


Situation: I have 3 Vlans, 11(mgmt), 12 (PC) , and 320 (voice)

Problem: cannot put the phone and computer into the vlan they belong to.

What I did, Nimusell, is to pick the second method you mentioned in the last post, and I also follow the LLDP you posted. Anyway, here are what I did to make it work:

1.) Create 3 vlans 11, 12, 320. I put 320 as a voice vlan in the feature of the swtich (Voice property tab in the GUI).

2.) I made port 9 as a trunk uplink to my 3750, and certainly, I put 11,12,320 and native 1 on the trunk.

3.) I create the LLDP as Nimusell suggested. Assigned the policy to the ports that will have the phones plug in.

4.) On the user switch ports (1-8), I set them up as TRUNK. I also put vlan 12 as untagged and DO NOT put vlan 320 there.

5.) I also enable the VOICE membership on ports 1-8.

6.) I add the first 3 octet of our ip phone to the Telephony OUI.

# Finally it works! Thanks again


But I still have couple questions:

1.) On steps #4 I put down above, did I do it right? In fact, I do not have any other options unless you can provide some idea. I originally put down vlan1 as untagged while vlan 12 is tagged as a trunk with Voice membership enable. The phone works with its voice vlan - a good sign to me already. However, the computer attached to the phone could not get DHCP from vlan 12 so no network access. To make it work, I took out vlan 1 and put vlan 12 as native/untagged. Then now the PC works as well. What I can't put vlan 1 as untagged?

2.) Do I need to adjust any cos settings? My network has auto qos enabled on the enterprise level and the traffic is really not shaping for anything except for the phone.

3.) Let's say... for experience purpsoe, may you tell the procedures for the method 1, which require a static vlan 320 (voice) assignment on the user ports? That will require vlan config on the physical phone right? Does this way also need LLDP config as well?

Thank you very much again. I know I have been very "long air". HOpe you all do not mind.

takami chiro

Hello Takami,

I'm glad the solution worked for you, and no need to thank me, that's part of my job as a Cisco Small Business support agent.

As far as your questions are concerned.

  1. I suppose Vlan 1 is still the default Vlan, so if a device is connected not indicating in which Vlan it needs to be, it will be added to the default vlan. There are a couple of ways to avoid this from happening :
    - manually set the Vlan on the NIC of the PC
    - have the PC assigned dynamically to Vlan 12 for example by a Radius server, this also gives you great control on what devices can connect
  2. You might want to change the CoS for the Voice Vlan from 6 to 5. 6 and 7 are normally reserved classes. Currently the default on the switch is Class 6 but I think this will be changed to 5 in the next firmware.
  3. If you add the ports statically to vlan320, you can still use the LLDP-MED part of the instructions I gave you to have the phones automatically set to Vlan 320, the only difference here is that you do not need to add the phone OUI. Through LLDP-MED, the switch will detect that a phone is connected and it will be set to join Vlan320

Hope this answers all your questions.


Nimusell, so based on the info, i do not need to assign the voice vlan on the phone? Right...really the last one.

Thank you

very much again.

That's right, if you need the LLDP-MED method as described in my post of 15. Jan 25, 2011 1:17 AM , you do not need to add the VLAN to the phone manually, it will be adapted to the phone using LLDP.

Best regards,

Nico Muselle

Small Business Support Engineer.

Hi Nimusell,

No matter what, I really sincerely appreciate your great help here!!

Thank you very much. Tomo arigatou

Takami Chiro