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RADIUS authentication SF300-24P

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RADIUS authentication SF300-24P

We have just purchased 20x SF300-24P switches to be installed at our remote offices and we are unable to get RADIUS authentication to work. We already use RADIUS on all our primary network CISCO switches (e.g. 4506s¸ 3560s, 3750s, AP1231Gs,etc) and these work fine so we know the RADIUS server is working.

We are trying to use RADIUS authentication to gain management access onto these switches. Quite simply although we can see that the RADIUS server is accepting the username and password being sent, however the switch says “authentication failed” when to receives the response. We are using Microsoft NPS RADIUS Clients for authentication purposes.

We have upgrade the switches to the latest firmware, via the console it seems to have a very cut down IOS version so we cannot use the typical CISCO command set to configure the RADIUS as we normally would. Looking at the web GUI there seems to be a number of options missing including the Accounting port. When debugging is switch on there is no indication to say that any of the settings have been misconfigured.

Any advice you could offer would be gratefully received.

Mike Lewis

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now reading your "

the reason i called the auth logic broken was that radius returned a user not found error, not user auth failed", I got confused what do you mean with "radius returned" ?!? Do you mean AAA server sends something like that (I don't have time to study full RADIUS spec), or WEB GUI of the switch (based on radius method) announces this on screen? Be exact. If the earlier is the case, then I don't understand why solve your case at this forum.

In my RADIUS logs, i get the following 2 lines when i try to login with the local default (cisco/cisco) ID:

rlm_krb5: [cisco] krb5_g_i_t_w_p failed: Client not found in Kerberos  database

Login incorrect ( [ldap] User not found): [cisco] (from client  switch port 0)

these are the messages that the RADIUS servers logs via syslog.  i would have to fire up a capture to get the exact response that the switch sees.

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can someone tell me in short what i have to do for successful login into sg300-10 switch with latest firmware. Authentication is against FreeRadius, which sends Access-Accept with

    Service-Type = Administrative-User

    Cisco-AVPair = "shell:priv-lvl=15"

but http login interface is saying that username or password is incorrect and in log is:

%AAA-W-REJECT: New http connection, source destination  REJECTED

i would imagine you got the Access-Accept message by running "radiusd -X", right?  stop the running service and run it from the command line, if you didnt.  if the above is the output from that, them maybe you need to figure out the quoting around the reply strings.  since i no longer have radius auth freestanding (the auth is against LDAP/Kerberos), i can only tell you what i have in there.

i have the radius schema loaded into LDAP, and my user object has this attribute:

radiusreplyitem: Cisco-AVPair = "shell:priv-lvl=15"

when i run "radiusd -X" and log into my switch, i see:

Cisco-AVPair = "shell:priv-lvl=15"

it might be that you dont have the correct "client" or other setting set correctly for radius.  clients.conf needs to have:

client {

        secret          =

        shortname       = switch

        nastype         = cisco


note that the above has to be added to the conf file and the "secret" line under "client localhost" must match the "secret" line under the client definition you add.  excluding the LDAP/Kerberos config changes i made, that is what i think you need to get things working.  the "radiusd -X" debugging is really helpful, and i would suggest using it if you havent done so already.  good luck


I´m using SF300-8 with the latest fimware version - The configuration of my Freeradius is correct, because I can  authenticate the users on other cisco switches and routres, and the conf  is the same as shown above. The configuration of the SF300 is very  strait forward, but the SF300 still having problem with the  authentication...

Do you know if there any problem with radius authentication with this firmware?

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I´m using SF300-8 with the latest fimware version - The  configuration of my Freeradius is correct, because I can  authenticate  the users on other cisco switches and routres, and the conf  is the same  as shown above. The configuration of the SF300 is very  strait forward,  but the SF300 still having problem with the  authentication...

Do you know if there any problem with radius authentication with this firmware?

Dennis Nielsen
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Was a solution ever fond to this issue??


I just bought 5 SG300-10 and I can't get Radius authentication to work :-(


I am using Microsoft NPS as Radius server, and this setup is working fine with my 200+ Cisco Catalysts.


The Radius server logs tells me it authenticates the users from the SG300's just fine, and I have tried returning these Cisco-AV-Pairs to the SG300:





But none gives me access to the switch.

Switches are runing software

Hi Denis,

It works when Accept message has Service Type set to Administrative and not Login.



what is the exact configuration can you post we have the same issue, any advise how to fix it out.

Hello. Need Any help.

We've bought 5 switches SG350-10P, and no one of them did not authenticate users with AAA.

Cisco config:


hostname AS-NNNNNNN
encrypted radius-server key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
encrypted radius-server host 172.16.X.YYY retransmit 2 key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx priority 1 usage login
radius-server host source-interface vlan 9
radius-server host source-interface-ipv6 vlan 1

aaa authentication login SSH local radius
aaa authentication enable SSH enable radius
aaa authentication login Telnet local radius
aaa authentication enable Telnet enable radius
aaa authentication login Console local radius
aaa authentication enable Console enable radius

line telnet
login authentication Telnet
enable authentication Telnet

line ssh
login authentication SSH
enable authentication SSH

line console
login authentication Console
enable authentication Console

ip ssh server
ip ssh password-auth

interface vlan 9
name MGMT
ip address 172.16.X.Y MMM.MMM.MMM.MMM

ip default-gateway 172.16.X.1

Windows NPS next:




21474835032019-Sep-17 13:45:48Warning%AAA-W-REJECT: New ssh connection, source 172.16.X.Y destination 172.16.X.Z  REJECTED   
21474835042019-Sep-17 13:45:48Warning%AAA-W-REJECT: New ssh connection, source 172.16.X.Y destination 172.16.X.Z  REJECTED   
21474835052019-Sep-17 13:45:48Warning%AAA-W-REJECT: New ssh connection, source 172.16.X.Y destination 172.16.X.Z  REJECTED   


All other Devices (2960, 1900) are use this NPS server without problems.

Thank you.

Andrea Florio
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Solution was easy for me. Service-Type needs to be set to Administrative-User

a.florio Auth-Type := System
Service-Type = Administrative-User,
cisco-avpair = "shell:priv-lvl=15"

In Windows 2k16 - there is only Service-Type = Administrative

All done: check in log that your first polices are not used. I made my SG300 policy on first place

What exactly did you configure?

I have configured NPS as per your screenshots.

Verified that the correct policy is being accessed.

Still get an invalid user name or password at the login screen.

NPS does authenticate the user and return and access granted message.

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