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ReverseProxy and Cisco Business 220 Switch


Hi all,

We have a strange behaviour with our Cisco Business 220 Series Switch. We want to put a Reverse Proxy in front of the Cisco Switch. But in doing so a login to the admin gui is not possible anymore. We always get this error response from the switch: 

"status": 0,
"err": 16777222,
"msg": "'ERR_LOGIN_UserInvalid'"

Login with the same user/pwd directly without the reverse proxy does work without any issue.
The Reverse Proxy is listening on https, connection to switch is http.

Has anyone an idea what's wrong with it?

Regards, Andy

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how about you try example  http to http ? is that works ?

what reverse proxy you have?


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http is closed on the reverse proxy. so I didn't try that. 
we use a pound proxy server. 

Kasun Bandara
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VIP Advisor

seems like your revers proxy rule have some redirection issues.  as i see, i guess, when connecting via reverse proxy, traffic looks like hitting proxy. not to the cisco switch. there is no error messages like that in cisco switches. are you seen any cisco logo in error message? if not probably its trying to login to different device/proxy other than cisco switch. 

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Good luck

I pretty sure that the response comes from the switch. Because our proxy does not have any authentication enabled. 
The error code mentioned in my original post is the json response from the switch. On the GUI we get this error message: "Invalid user name or password. Please try again."


We still see the same issues. We changed the setup a bit, but the error message keeps the same. 
Now we use an apache httpd as reverse proxy. https on apache forwarding to https on the switch. 
Is Nobody out there with a solution for this issue? 

Error message on the Login Screen. "Invalid user name or password. Please try again."
Error message on the Login http request: 
"status": 0, "err": 16777222, "msg": "'ERR_LOGIN_UserInvalid'"

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