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Routing between 2 switches layer 3

Gerson Acevedo
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I am having  troubles with this layer  3 switches. Since I have been working with just switches layer 2  and routers.


So Here is what I need to do. I will describe it as simple as I can.


I have 2 switches. 3 layer both


So I going to have  vlan 10-20-30 in the first one an vlan 40-50-60 in the other.


So all Vlans needs to ping each other. My main problem is the trunk:Since I need to configure it.the routing.  I dont now how to do it since in trunk mode I cannot configure it  a ip address between the switches.


I not sure how to do this. I need an example.


Let me know if you have a good example.

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Level 1

Hello Gerson,


Thank you for using the Small Business Support Community.

In order to help provide the correct information, would you be able to tell us what type of switch you are you using?





Cisco SG 300-20 . I just need an example to do routing between both devices with several vlans.  

Brandon Svec
Level 7
Level 7

Routing between VLANs on a L3 switch is actually the default.  You have to make ACLs to prevent routing or unwanted traffic.  The trunk on those switches should configure automatically, but you can also tell it to tag all VLANs since it sounds like that is what you want.  Then it is important that you assign an IP address to each VLAN and use that as the default gateway for the clients connected to each VLAN.



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I see.


Thank you.