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SF300 - Inter vlan routing



I'm new on Cisco environment and I try to install a network with that.


I activate the L3 Mode to get router functionnalities for my SF300.


So, I create 2 VLAN (40 an 50). I affect some ports to this VLAN (VLAN 40= FE1 and FE2 and VLAN 50 = FE20 and FE21).


VLAN 40 (Admin) =

VLAN 50 (User) =


Now, I need that VLAN 40 and VLAN 50 communicate both. In fact, I want the computer ont VLAN 50 can reach some services hosted on VLAN 40. For that, I need establish a communication between them but I don't know how.


Can you help me please ?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Accepted Solutions

Can you provide the running config of the switch?


Also, from the switch can you successfully ping devices in either VLANs?




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Seb Rupik
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi there,

Have you put the switch in Layer3 mode? On the CLI use the commands:

set system mode router




Hi Seb,


Thank you for your help, I juste activate the router mode via CLI, I'd only activate L3 Layer ont the GUI.


But now, I want that two VLAN can communicate. So since, VLAN 40, I can ping VLAN 50 and services hosted (NAS). May be I need to configure Routes (I have a menu "IPv4 Routes) ?

The VLAN subnets will appear as 'connected' routes on the switch so there is no need to configure static IPv4 routes.


On your hosts, they should have a default route directing IP traffic towards the subnet gateway (the switch VLAN interface), when the packet arrives there destined for the other VLAN, the switch will know how to route it because of the 'connected' routes already present.

So once in router mode, devices should be able to communicate inter-VLAN. If this is not that case, confirm that your devices can ping their gateways. Can they ping the other VLAN gateway?




Hi Seb,

From my device, I can ping the VLAN Gateway, yes, but I can't access to my NAS which is on the other VLAN.

So :


From my VLAN 40, I can ping gateway but I can't ping the gateway of VLAN 50 ( or others services.


hmmm OK, a few things to check:


* Did you reload the device after you issued the 'set system mode router' command? It will have erased all your existing configuration

* Can you double check that the netmask of your devices is correctly set?

* Can you share the ouput of sh ip route




* Yes, I have reload my Cisco device after I activated the router mode which erased all my configuration. I set up all my configuration now.


* The netmask is correct on all my client devices, I check it.


* There is the output of commande sh ip route :


Maximum Parallel Paths: 1 (1 after reset)
IP Forwarding: enabled
Codes: > - best, C - connected, S - static

C is directly connected, vlan 40
C is directly connected, vlan 50

Thanks for your help.

Can you provide the running config of the switch?


Also, from the switch can you successfully ping devices in either VLANs?




It's works !

Now, I can join my VLAN_User from a client laptop without access to VLAN_Admin.

I've changed the Port to VLAN configuration to map switch port to VLAN.


Thank you Seb for your precious help.

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