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3650-24PS boot fail? blank console screen

Level 1
Level 1

New 3650-24PS right out of the box.  Single 640W power supply.  Nothing connected to it.  Powered it up and attached the console cable through Secure-CRT.   Nothing.  Rap Return a couple of times.  Still nothing.


"SYS" light is on.  POST looks to be correct as the ports all do their "boot up thing" and cycle through the modes.  Cycling the Front Panel button through the modes works.  The Secure-CRT session and the Cisco console cable are the same that get used on every other switch or router.  Tested it against other switches in the same rack.  No issues with the cable or the Secure-CRT config.


Made sure that I am in the correct port - console versus network management.


At a loss.  Is there a "hold this button while you power cycle it" sequence or something else that I should try?






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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
You can try to power down the switch, power it back on with the mode button pressed. You will eventually arrive at the switch: prompt. From there you can either delete or rename the existing config. If nothing works even for attempting to factory reset, you may need to send it back.

You verified 1) Cable is good 2) SecureCRT config is good (although i'd just check with putty just in case).

Level 1
Level 1

Well - I am thinking that I am going to have to open a TAC Case and get an RMA for this unit.  I opened another identical unit (3 serial numbers off) and started it up.  No issues.  It is in service.


Tried the suggested reset by holding the button down and applying power.  Held it until the SYST and ACTV lights both turned amber and then released.  SYST light flashes green and goes no further.  Previously, the switch looked like it was performing the normal startup and POST.  It just would not give me a console session.  Cable and software verified to be working on other switches and routers.  Same make and model.


Thanks for the assist.  Hoped it was something simple.



RMA it and let Cisco take care of it.


TAC Case is in the hopper.


Thanks again!

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