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3750 Stack Master switch misbehaved when reoladed after 2 Years.

Hi everyone,

               We have a standalone 3750 Stack switch for which we were facing some extended access-list latency issue, for which we reloaded after 2 Years. After reload, the switch got power cycled 2-3 times, also the master switch went to slave and slave went to Master state. It did not got revert back after the original master switch came online.

           Also the Stack switch recycled thereafter 3-4 times, which got resolved after we replaced with a new one. There were traffic issues for the service provider routers connected to the stack switch initially. After replacement the traffic issue is minimal or very less.

 Whah might be the issues on this as I am still not clear what the issue is....... I would like to know what might be the possibilities that could have caused the Master switch misbehave and the traffic issue got solved after the replacement.  Any memory related issue for traffic , which clearsafter reload?


Guyz please suggest for all above queries................................ 


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Must be an old, old IOS your

Must be an old, old IOS your stack is running. 


Have you considered upgrading the IOS?


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Have you still got the old

Have you still got the old switch? anything in logs or flash - who knows, might be malloc's some sort or crash etc...

At least that way you may be able to work out what might have gone wrong, and then fix, via an upgrade or other means which seems logical.


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