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3750 switch is not pushing routing updates of connected device to other connected devices

I had a module line card die on me on Saturday on my 6509 and I had to plug all my access switches that had SVI's routing eigrp in to a 3750 (SW04).  When I do sh ip route  on the 3750 I see the routering tables from all the acess switches. When I do sh ip route on the 6509 I do not see it receiving the routing updates from the 3750.  What could cause the 3750 to recieve updates and not pass them on to the 6509?  I also see the same problem with the access switches they recieve routing updates from the 6509.  What could be causing this 3570 to not pass updates from all the other switches?

To cheat I take the SVI's off the acccess layer switches and put them on the 3750 and just trunk back and forth for those VLAN's. This is not a real solution ans I need to find out was is keeping the 3750 from passing eigrp updates it has recieved.

I have ran through all the sh ip eigrp commands and nothing seems amiss.


Kelvin Willacey

Can you post your confguration. Is the 3750 doing stub routing?

So I found the problem. It appears to be the version of the IOS on the switch (12.2(58)SE2 c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-58.SE2). This appears to be the lowest version of the IOS which does indeed only allow stub network and why this switch is not properly routing.

If I upgrade it to c3750e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE7.bin will this solve my issues?

I do not think upgrading solves the problem. What is the switch license?

"show license file" or "show license file switch 1"

IP base IOS does not support full EIGRP .

Try this configuration to see whether it helps.


ip prefix-list Match-ALL seq 5 permit le 32
route-map R-Match-ALL permit 10
 match ip address prefix-list Match-ALL
router eigrp 100 [ your AS number]
 no auto-summary
 network [your network]
  eigrp stub connected summary static redistributed leak-map R-Match-ALL


If it does not, you need to install IP service license.


Masoud Pourshabanian


It is hard to guess by your information. I suppose adjacency has been established between 3750 and 6500.

Check interfaces on both 3750 and 6500 to see whether you have the same sunbet in different segments(misconfiguration). Connected interfaces are prefered and sit inside the routing table.

Do you only one path between 3750 and 6500?  6500 might reject the routes to avoid loop.