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We are facing high cpu utilization issue in our core cisco 3750x switch.We would like to know what might be causing the issue.attaching the logs for the issue. Can someone help on this. 

I just want to proof my concept is correct. if the blocking state is showing "0" based on output below, that means there is no looping in the network which is blocked by spanning-tree protocol?  switch#show spanning-tree summary Switch is in pvst mod...

Hello All,Has anyone any information on the following message seen during the boot up sequence on our C6880-X-LE switches ? 00:00:17.119 FW[MOD 01]: connor_b_led_init(): Error connor_hwrev_px: 0  I guess it is something to do with the hardware revisi...

Hi,i have 2 routers w/ 1 modem each connected to cloud then to ISP router.So my problem is ISP router can ping R1 and R2R1 can Ping ISP router same as R2But the problem is R1 can't ping R2 vise versa.DetailsISP: /24R1: /24R2: ...

Good day,I have changed my ssh port to 2022, that is working fine and port 22 is refused.The strange thing happening is that the router (2900) is sometimes accessible via port 23, this is strange because the same configs are implemented on other rout...

Mmiselo by Beginner
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I am getting below error while uploading ios image  in 2811 series router. %Error opening (I/O error)

Hi Guys,VLAN hopping attacks is for an attacking host on a VLAN to gain access to traffic on other VLANs that would normally not be accessible.So, in this case we are not able to ping different VLAN. If without doing vlan hopping if we are able ping ...

Resolved! L2 / L3 circuit??

Hi I've noticed some strange things, which i want to clarify is feasibly possible. Situation is as follows:- 1 Router at site A, 1 Router at site B- Dedicated 1 gig link connecting the 2 together provided via a carrier- Link at Router A side connects...

Hi all, I understand what are subnets and VLANs in which subnet breakup a network into different smaller segment, whereas VLAN is the logical breaking of a physical switch into several logical ones.By right, each subnet and VLAN belongs to its own br...

SJ K by Contributor
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What is the best practice to prevent someone from making a device the same IP as your Gateway switch ? I am at a High school and a student or students from time to time make a phone or other device the same IP as my core switch. Is there a tool or so...