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3850 and QoS implementation

Looking for some input in configuring a simple QoS policy for a 3850.

I have created my classes and policy-maps etc.  But when I try to apply the service policy in an outbound direction I get the following error.

Order of classes in policy name AutoQos-4.0-Output-Policy is not consistent with installed policy

I get this error no matter which policy-map I configure on a interface.  I have gotten the following egress policy installed on my add-in module 1G ports.

Policy Map UPLINK

    Class EF

      priority level 1 percent 10

      set dscp ef

    Class AF41

      bandwidth remaining percent 30

      set dscp af41

    Class class-default

      bandwidth remaining percent 70

But if I try this same policy on a built-in wired port I get the "Order of classes" error.

What am I missing?

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Re: 3850 and QoS implementation

I seem to have found what is causing this error (maybe).

I have a class-map defined for video traffic

class-map AF41

match dscp af41

for some reason if I do not put this class in my policy map I get the "order of classes error"...As soon as I add it to the policy-map I have no problems applying it to an interface

I erased my config and started over and was able to create and apply the UPLINK policy I have listed in my previous post w/o issues.  If i remove the AF41 class from the policy-map it fails

If anyone can explain this behavior it would be appreciated, Thanks!

my-3850(config-pmap)#int g1/0/3

my-3850(config-if)#no service-policy output UPLINK

my-3850(config-if)#policy-map UPLINK             

my-3850(config-pmap)#no class AF41

my-3850(config-pmap)#int g1/0/3

my-3850(config-if)#service-policy output UPLINK


*Aug 29 16:20:23.358:  Order of classes in policy name UPLINK is not consistent with installed policy

my-3850(config-if)#policy-map UPLINK          

my-3850(config-pmap)#class AF41

my-3850(config-pmap-c)#priority level 2

my-3850(config-pmap-c)#int g1/0/3

my-3850(config-if)#service-policy output UPLINK



3850 and QoS implementation

I opened a TAC case on this issue and the came back with the following...

"We have the restriction where in if we already have a queuing policy applied to an interface,  and if we try to attach another queuing policy to another interface, this new queuing policy should have the same order of class.

So all downlink ports (gi1/0/1 - 48) should have queuing policy in which the order of class should be same .  Similarly all uplink ports (gi1/1/1-4) "

I had used autoqos to provision other ports so already had a policy applied on interface gig 1/0/1. After opening the TAC case I made a new policy -map that had same classes in it as the one created by auto-qos but changed the parameters to meet my needs. Was then able to apply it to different interfaces.


Re: 3850 and QoS implementation

I'm facing the same issue. Auto QoS has been uplied on 2 of the trunk interfaces. For various reasons I can't remove this policy-map, but I need to apply different policy-map to stop high output drops on another trunk interface.

Could  you please help me how you set up the class-map order so it matches with the AutoQos but it has different parameters.

Much appreciated for your help!

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