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6 3560 switches with inter vlan routing



I am about to configure 6 3560 switches with intervlan routing. Each switch will have 3 connections terminating each being point to point link and the rest of the other ports will be a separate VLAN carrying user traffic. My question is what do i configure on my 6 switches? Can someone guide me on configuring 3 and i will do the rest since I am very confused what routing protocol to use. I have attached the configuration of one switch but I wont be able to use default route if I have more than 2 switches.

I have attached the configuration if I have one routable subnet and more than one directly connected networks how do I route that one subnet out when there are 3 exit interface? what routing protocol should I use? Or if i do it on layer 2 how do i do with vlans? Please I urgently need your guidance on this.

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you have to tell us how you are going to connect these switches together before we can help you . You don't need a routing protocol per se if you are just going to connect them together somehow . You would just have one 3560 do ip routing then trunk to all the other boxes , but you really have to determine on how to lay out the boxes and connections first . If possible supply a map .