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9600 Stackwise Virtual link Interface Compatibility

The Cisco documentation on creating the Stackwise Virtual link between Cisco Cat 9ks says that a combination of different Interface speeds is not supported. I read that along the same lines as creating a port-channel requires the interfaces to all be running at the same speed, duplex, etc.

I have two 9600 each with one  C9600-LC-48YL SFP28  and one C9600-LC-48TX RJ45 . I would like to have a Virtual link member between the SFP28 blades and second one between the RJ45 blades so that a failure of a blade does not become a failure of the Virtual Stack.

I have a virtual link configured between two 10G SFPs in the SFP28 card and have a Virtual link running at 10G. When I attempt to add a second link between two 10G RJ45 ports on the RJ45 cards I receive an error message stating that the link cant be added because the Interfaces are different speeds than the existing link.

The SFP 28's of course are TwentyFiveGigE interfaces running at 10Gbps. The RJ45 Interfaces are TenGigabitEthernet interfaces running at 10G.

Is there a command that I am missing that will tell the switches that the SFP28's are running at 10G are 10G? Or am I stuck with having to do links between only one or the other of these Blades?

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You have very good question and interesting. - i have not deployed any Cat 9600 ( in the process of the same journey - soon will have hands dirty with this kits)


In terms of Cat 9600 - As per my technical tour with the cisco office- Technically i don't see any issue with your approach here, the link should be the same speed, not the media mentioned anywhere in the document, unlike we do same on Cat 6500 and 6800 ( VSS).



But we need to keep in thing in mind, upper side line cards has more Power priority compare to normal Line cards down side.

that is the only thing we need to keep that in mind. SVL to be 10GB link, good enough with your explanation.


here this what i learned  from the visit :


SVL: StackWise Virtual Link

same speed ports (10G or higher)

Up to 8 ports

DAD: Dual Active Detection:

Fast Hello

Directly connected

Up to 4 links

Enhanced PAgP

EtherChannel with PAgP

Up to 4 port channels

In SVL mode, 2 nd Supervisor is not supported in the chassis
and will be powered off if inserted.


- Supports flexible distances with support of all supported cables and optics


Note: since these are very expenses kit, worth clarify with Csico SE or partnet before you place an order.

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Can you try and set the 40Gig ports to 4x10?

hw-module breakout <port number>

and test again?




I do not have any 40G ports only 10 and 25.


ok, thanks for the correction. Is the command to hard-set it to 10G available?


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