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Backing up SNMP v3 user info


I need to backup/store the SNMPv3 user name settings (passwords and keys) along with the normal running config.   Since the snmp user info is not present in the running config, how is one supposed to preserve this information?

I would like to be able to hand someone one file(like a cpy of the config) so they can just load it, and all would be good.  Not having the snmpv3 user info in the running config makes this impossible. 

I am running IOS 15 btw.

any ideas?


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Evan Ray

I believe you can only see the username, by entering the command 'sh snmp user' but you won't be able to see the password, as they are encrypted.  You'll have to document the passwords separately(create new accounts), as listing the password would defeat the purpose of SNMPv3 security.

The IOS stores the usernames and password hashes in config file, so i dont understand how showing the snmpv3 password hashes and usernames would be any less secure than current situation.  

Managing this going to be a real pain for automation if that is the only way.   Oh well, i guess ill have to work some EEM applet magic to circumvent this.  

You stated to save the password, not the password hash.  If you have the password has for a user, what are you going to do with it when you save it?  You can use it or read it, right?  Or can you?

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