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Detected a LoopBack & Port has been Disabled

Have a nice day,We have a LAN setup of 18no.s of Cisco 2950 & 2960 switches with 7no.s of Cisco 1131 AP along with Ruckus AP. All these devices are connected to Cisco Catalyst 4507R L3 Switch.Now from past 3 days all fibre uplinks in each switch are ...

S.Kamaraj by Beginner
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STP - Mac Flapping

Hello All,I am new to STP, and i am facing some issues in my network.I have 2 3750X Switch in Stack,In logs i am frequently getting MAC Flapping log, while searcing on Internet i am getting only that it's a L2 Loop but no resolution.Please guide me w...

etherchannel- stack 3750X

I have two stacks 3750X on two different sites with two links L_2_L, and I want to configure the port channel to aggregate the two links.Site A                                                                                                  Site B375...

show cdp neighbor doesn't show up any neighbor

Hi,I have one router C3925 which uses HWIC-4ESW module card to connect to two Gigabit port on 2960 SWs. The Router can ping two SWs, but no neighbor when issue "show cdp" command. However, 2 SW can see the router in "show cdp neighbor" command.The Ro...

tranminhc by Beginner
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Which uplink port on a WS-SUP720-3B card is the interchangeable SFP/RJ-45? Gig x/1 or Gig x/2?  I am requiring an RJ-45 uplink installed on a 6509-E to a C3925 vendor router? Thanks in advance.                  

staylo001 by Beginner
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Connecting 2 x 2960 stacks together

Hi,Can  i connect  2 x 2960 stacks ( 4 switches in each stack) together ?  Reason why i am asking is that we are looking replace 3750 with 2960SF  and some of the current 3750's have 8 switches connected in a stack. So i  will be replacing them with ...

Fibre Optic Switches

HiI'm doing a project for 1st year university studies and would appreciate some input. I have to design a hypothetical network for a business running 300 PCs, the business is spread across 2 buildings both of 3 stories (levels). My hypothetical desig...

keltoiboy by Beginner
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Resolved! 4900M+Nexus 5548 to replace 6509

Hi All,We are planing replace 6509 to 4900M+Nexus5548 due to A/C and Power issue. We have two 6509s and plan to use  two 4900M (20xRJ45 and 8x10G modules) + two Nexus5548 to replace it. (4900M Layer 3 and do HSRP,  5548 for 1G and 10G layer 2 connect...

4506 ios upgrade

Hello All I have loaded new image on 4506 cisco switch which currently is running on cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA.bin.. New image will be cat4500-ipbasek9-mz.122-54.SG1.binOn boot flash I can see both images ebrswc01#sh bootflash-#- ED ----type---- -...