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Hello dear friends!I have three questions about how the stp protocol works on the network.These are my impressions of the performance of this protocol.I want to know your opinion if I have the right idea or not? (The second one is more important to m...

I have a number of 3650's in a stack configuration that I am using as an authenticator.  I have one 3650 acting as a supplicant.  I followed the directions from NEAT Configuration Example with Cisco Identity Services Engine - Cisco.The supplicant swi...

StefanoN by Level 1
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Hi everybody,I have a trouble with a switch (switch 1 master of  3 switchs in one stack)  that is rebooting continuously when i connect a machine on it.Historic:I rebooted the stack because of electric cut.After startup completed, the switch 1 master...

frbachel05 by Level 1
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hi,i want to change the password type of the radius key from type 7 to type 6 on a catalyst 1000 Series Switch.but if i want to generate a config-key, like it works with IOS-XE, the command is not available.  (config)#key ?% Unrecognized commandIOS V...

Nils 86 by Level 1
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Hi all,I’m working on SPAN configuration on the device Cisco C1000-48T-4G-Land i am trying to filtering unnecessary VLANS/traffics in my destination monitoring interface.I looked through the data sheet and configuration commands, the switch does not ...

Resolved! Cat 2960 routing

I have cat 2960 with default router to x.x.x.10 , however one destination (y.y.y.y) is using another gateway which is x.x.x.3 , how i can force this to use the default route .10 ?  sh ip routeDefault gateway is x.x.x.10 Host                 Gateway  ...

qsosan20 by Level 1
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Good evening!I am new to networking and attempting to build out a basic network. I have a Cisco 4431 Router and two Cisco 3850's. I have multiple VLANS place to separate data paths, but utilizing VLAN 99 as a management. I am unable to ping or SSH in...

IT1Andy by Level 1
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Hi, Is it possible to use type 6 encryption on a C1000-8P-E-2G-L?When I try to configure it as below not even the command is recognized...switch-01#conf t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. switch-01(config)#key ? % Unrecog...

Tux_Net by Level 1
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Hello, I have an N7k chassis that is under warranty, but I have two SUP-01 supervisors running NX-OS version 05.X, and we want to upgrade them to version 7.X. Is there a way to update, or do we need to switch to SUP-02? If we need to switch to SUP-2,...

I am new to PT and taking the online intro course.In the sector Video - Deploying Devices Example they connected home router to a webcam. I tried connecting mine on my PT but it keep getting connection error: The cable cannot be connected to this por...

hiroyu by Level 1
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Resolved! Port not coming up

Below is configuration between two switches (One building to another building Via P2P ubiquity PMBE-400 connected , but Port channel is not coming up , so please advise what might be issue .configuration on both switches as below interface GigabitEth...

sameer-t by Level 1
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