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I have a Cisco 4900M switch. It has two of the 8 port RJ-45 TenGig Ethernet cards in it. Was initially set up by a consultant.I have used the first 8 ports on the first card. I just went to the 9th server, and now when I plug the ethernet cable into ...

jdenzer by Level 1
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Hello all,I feel a slight bit intimidated by posting here with a question that may sound a bit unsual, especially given the fact that most of the people here have much superior knowledge than I do.Here is my question.I have a 3745 router. I want to a...

Feeling a bit out of sorts this morning.....I have a 3560E with 2 vlans that I want to route between.  one device with 2 vlans and route between.Interfaces are configured as such:int g0/11switchport mode accessswitchport access vlan 10 int g0/12switc...

Kindly help me in this !.......We are experiencing some abnormal behaviors from the two Cisco 3560 switches installed with the blade servers. A number of times it has happened that a port changes its mode from gig to fast Ethernet. Also sometimes whe...

Hi Dear Friends,                                   Here I have a situation related to Creating VLAN .                                   In my comapany having 20 Linksys srw 2024 Switches                                   Having1 ip ranges -...

Hi Dear Friends ,                                   I wanted to just comfirm one thing . That after configuring the intervlan in cisco router 1800 Series . all user which are in different vlan can have access to other vlan system or server .Example :...

Dear all,I have one quick question, let say I created two extended access-list on a switch and apply one in the VLAN SVI interface and another one apply at the host interface end, which access-list will it take effect? Example:-interface Vlan10 ip ad...

Wai wai by Level 1
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Hi Guys,Please can someone help...If i try to ssh to a 3750 switch on our 4th floor, it ask's me for a username and password.After entering the password, it doesnt connect. It shows a blank screen with a flashing cursor.If i connect to the switch dir...

Resolved! 6509 Show Env

Hello,Could you please post your comment about this output from show env.Please focus on Power Supply 2 is that something wrong with that ?power-supply 1: power-supply 1 fan-fail: OK power-supply 1 power-input: AC high power-supply 1 power-output-...

ergonullu by Level 1
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