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Hi, Can someone help with VLAN flapping Issue, I have a topology like this: Router > Cisco SG300 > Cisco C2960 > Cisco SF300-24P a Flapping appear in sw c2960, SF300-24P actually passed c2960, but at SF300-24P not appear flapping and get error messa...

Hi guys,I recently bought a bunch of cisco 3750-x switches. I configured them all and started deploying them. A day later, some of the switches started failing on me. When I connect the power cord to the AC main, the power supply module on the back s...

Good DayFirst off YES I know this stuff is old, I just manage and have no budget :0) With that said, I currently have multiple SUP cards on 3 different chasis's (SUP 6L+E, 7L+E) all having the same issues. They are up with no redundancy and I do have...

Troy C. by Beginner
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Trying to do an upgrade on firmware for a Catalyst 9500 from 16.12.04 to newer 17.1.1.  Using this article for guidance: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst9500/software/release/16-12/release_notes/ol-16-12-9500.htmlThe articl...

mramj499 by Beginner
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Resolved! MAC Flap

Hello, I see the following in syslog from an IDF (C3850) switch in our warehouse. The gig interfaces flapping are Extreme Networks 410i wireless access points, and the port channel is the link back to the MDF. 3: Nov 27 22:23:22: %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_N...

I have a number of 3650's in a stack configuration that I am using as an authenticator.  I have one 3650 acting as a supplicant.  I followed the directions from NEAT Configuration Example with Cisco Identity Services Engine - Cisco.The supplicant swi...

StefanoN by Beginner
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Dear Community, I have two C9500 Switches in stack. I want to migrate one switch by removing the stack to a new location and putting all the services to the that only. Then I want to remove and relocate the 2nd switch and bring the satck up. Question...

osman869 by Beginner
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