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Dear sir, We have point to multipoint application connected via FHDMA wireless radio.in head office and branche office having 2800 routers having fxo and fxs cords. In headoffice 2801 having 2 port fxo cord we connected 1 analog pone and remote havin...

Hi Sir,In a switched network running PVST+, I'm curious to know how does a switch differentiate BPDUs of one VLAN from another?I understand that the Configuration BPDU message contains the following fields:- Protocol ID- Version- Message Type- Flags-...

Is this possible via pseudowire?Alternatively two sites, both with internet connectivity - one deemed to be primary link the other failover. Sites also connected at L3 via a Service providers MPLS network.What mechanism do I use to tell the site's ne...

hodgem by Level 1
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hi,I was doing some lab tests, and manipulated the bandwidth and delay so that I manage to get a feasible successor.However, what puzzles me why is the feasible distance of a particular route is not the same as any metrics of the 2 possible paths (vi...

rachelhor by Level 1
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Folks:What the heck does the "redundancy HSRP" part of this command mean?ip nat inside source static redundancy HSRP1I am trying to get a full appreciation for the challenges of running NAT in a redundant environment, such as wit...

lamav by Level 8
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I'm new at this so bear with me. I have two LANs, 10.0.0.x and 10.1.0.x, connected via firewall/router with and address. Clients and servers are connected to hubs on both networks. I want to replace the hubs with 2960TT switches a...

I have several 3750-48P running version c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-44.SE2 IOS and on some of the switches, when you telnet to them, and do a show config, the screen scrolls through the whole config without pausing. On other switches that are exactly ...

rdotson by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a client with Line of sight laser link between 2 buildings. The laser devices connects to 4500 switch at each location. Will it be OK to enable UDLD on the switch ports. The switch ports are set for L3 (no switch port) with ip address a...

fortis123 by Level 1
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Hi all,Anybody can help me to select a proper Cisco Core-Switch?Some of the needed specifications are below:1- At least 08 Gbit Ethernet - RG45 copper connector2- At least 12 fiber gigabit module bases3- At least 12 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber ports (Popu...

l_masoumi by Level 1
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