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Bridging and routing configuration

Dear All,

I have the following situation;

I have three different sites; main and two remote sites, I have connected them through satellite links I am using my own routers (cisco 2921) at each site.

Each site generates traffic , with MPLS labeling and VLAN tagging, VLAN 92 directed to remote site1 while VLAN 200 for Remote 2, I have suggested solution that the VSAT routers act as bridge for other customers router; so we can pass the traffic without modification. A problem appeared that   the satellite links are DDR (Dial on  demand routing)  need interest traffic to be able to pass the traffic through it, we determine the interest traffic by using access list, Dialer map and Dialer group commands are used under the serial interface that connects the satellite modem

Is there any way that I can configure the Router Bridge and router at the same time, so I can get the VLAN traffic from the customers then routed through my satellite links?

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Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hello Abdallah,

if you want to perform a transport of L2 frames over an IP network based on vlan tagging ( =selective) you can use L2TPv3


more specifically:


you will need SP services or enterprise services images

Hope to help


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