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C4500 - High CPU - Supervisor II-PLUS-10GE - IOS 12.2(31r)SG3

We have two c4500 with above characteristics.

The cpu usage is even more higher when I apply a voice ACL on the on of the switches, more than other.

The peak is at Lopri processes.

I attached the show procc cpu and sh platform health.

When I apply a ACL the cpu utilization is 90%.

In my show log I have detected only one error duplex mismatch. The network is operating normally now, but I disabled the ACL on the other switch because than the CPU spikes. The same ACL is working fine on the other switch.

Thanks in advance.                  

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I have attached another show cpu and platform output with the 70% usage. The ACL is not active, but still big usage.

The process is K2CpuMan Review and K2AccelPacketMan: Tx are using more then used to.

The proccess K2CpuMan has greatly devolved to a normal stage when I typed in the comand:

no ip unreachables on voice vlan interface

I am reading now on what are the side effects of this command.

This command stopped sending back to the cpu ICMP packets for the denied packets in the ACL.

That used a lot of cpu utilization.

Any suggestion is much appreaciated.

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