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Thought this would be pretty simple but am failing here with the basics.  Trying to policy route internet traffic from a particular host ( via a dedicated internet link rather than via the corporate wan.  The access-list I am using for the...

DjDamo by Level 1
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Hi!Please find attached diagram. I want  to have an opinion that which switch shall I replace the Cisco 2960s  with so as to elimintae the need for spanning tree in there but then what would be the design look  like between Netscreen and those new sw...

Had a weird issue this weekend during a change.We were swapping out the old 6509 with a 6509E.(see image below for topology)I moved HSRP over to 6509-2, delayed my uplink from 6509-1, then EIGRP passived the uplink.From a layer 3 standpoint, this swi...

Hi AllI have been testing VCAL access to segregate 35 new vlans for new network implementation, when I define my rules they work, except internet access gets blocked. i would imagine (from example below) that the internet or possibly "any" is not def...

t-smith by Level 1
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Resolved! Layer 2 Switching

I am using a switch(3560X) and a router 7606 for the given setup.I am doing a simple simulation of attcaching a port (on 7606 router)to the switch and testing it with various speed ,duplex setting.The switch port is in vlan 2 with ip address x.x.x.23...

Hi allI have started a new company with little documentation on the lan and wan, is there any software snmp or such that can pull all the info from my devices and map out the network effectively doing a drawing, with interface ip's etc ?cheers

Hello ppl.I am going to get some wyse thin clients up and running on our departments. Each department communicate with the main-office through Cisco C1812 routers.In order to get functionally DHCP up and running, I need to      A - Configure some Dhc...

  BGP Lab=========Hello friendsI just started with eBGP & and I have configured this LAB. In Lab there are four Routers R1,R2,R3 & R4.R1 & R2 (AS 1600)are iBGP neighbors, also R1 is having EBGP peer with R3 (AS 1700) & R2 is having EBGP peer with R4 ...

Sabby0115 by Level 1
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Hi any ideas.I was looking for a command to remotely shutdown a 5548 with 5.0.3.. I've no spotted anything in the command refernece guide.www.cisco.com/en/US/partner/docs/switches/datacenter/nexus5000/sw/command/reference/rel_4_0_1a/NX5000CommandRefe...

dave_ryan by Level 1
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Hey everyone,We've got a cisco 2821 router which periodically stops routing all traffic. It seems to happen about once every 2 weeks, and I can't find anything that could be causing it. There are no entries in the log and the router stays up and runn...

Hi everyone, I'm new here so please let me know if I posted in the wrong forum. Anyway, I have a strange problem that I have been unable to nail down recently. I have two 2800-series routers trunked on physical ports to each other, along with a switc...

Hi, i would like to do the CORE migration of a small/medium enterprise. This transition must consider 10g server and ISCSI SAN access. is there any Cisco Switch with 10G support for servers connectivity for small /medium enterprise?I'm talking about ...

jmprats by Level 4
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Dear Sir :        When I implement MSTP instance 1 and join a lot of vlans says vlan 1-100, and someday  want add new vlan ex : vlan 101 to the MSTP instance 1 .        Does any command could add vlan 101 to the MSTP instance 1 ? also it won't impact...

ted_wen by Level 1
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