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C4506 supervisor module temperature issue


Hi I got an alarm from C4506R-E switch with temperature issue

It is how looks like

B_C4506_B2#show environment
warning alarm: slot 1 has exceeded the warning temperature for 1470h 42m 10s

Module Sensor Temperature Status
1 air inlet 49C (51C,65C,68C) warning
1 air outlet 61C (69C,83C,86C) ok
2 air inlet 31C (43C,58C,61C) ok
2 air outlet (front) 42C (51C,66C,69C) ok
2 air outlet (back) 32C (43C,58C,61C) ok

Power Fan Inline
Supply Model No Type Status Sensor Status
------ ---------------- --------- ----------- ------- -------
PS1 PWR-C45-2800AC AC 2800W good good good
PS2 PWR-C45-2800AC AC 2800W good good good

Power supplies needed by system : 1
Power supplies currently available : 2

Chassis Type : WS-C4506-E

Power consumed by backplane : 0 Watts

Switch Bandwidth Utilization : 0%

Supervisor Led Color : Orange

Module 1 Status Led Color : Orange
Module 2 Status Led Color : Green

Fantray : Good
Fantray removal timeout : 50

Power consumed by Fantray : 120 Watts


Module 1 is Active supervisor module and there is no standby sup module.

And Module 2 is interface module.

TPS room's temp is 28 degrees celcious

Should I replace the sup module? or what should I do in this case?

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what is the version of Code running (this may be bug also)

if you get maintenance window, i would turn off the switch and bring back (if you have contract worth opening TAC case for RMA in case faulty).



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