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C9500 NW Essentials upgrade to Advantage to get stacking to work? What exact product SKU?

Help !!!! What exact product to do I need to purchase to upgrade from Essentials to Advantage to get 'stacking' working on my pair of C9500-24X-E switches???


I have purchased a pair of C9500-24X switches with 'Network Essentails' and 'DNA-Essentials' (5Yr) licences but then realised I needed 'Advantage' to get stacking configured.

They are the C9500-16X-E switches with the 8port SFP+ installed so it is listed as the C9500-24x-E


The set of C9200 switches that we purchased do in fact stack fine with Essentials licence no problem. (They use the standard Stack-wise cables etc)

1st Post so please excuse if I've missed something obvious.




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you need network advantage for Cat 9500 build StackWise virtual.


is this part of SD-Access then look below :




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Thanks for prompt reply but No, I don't think this is part of SD-Access but I'm not sure because this is my first purchase of the new Cisco DNA Lincencing process.


I have read somewhere that there is an Essentails to Advantage upgrade option but I can't seem to find the correct SKU / Part number.

Hi BB, Sorry but I'm still struggling / confused....


Looking through the link you sent  ..... I can't see exactly what the SKU is for the C9500 "Network Stack" licence upgrade?


I see this bit for the DNA licence part...

  C9500-DNA-16X-E-A          C9500 DNA 16P10G Upgrade Licence             


And I have read this part ..


"... Upgrading license level

Customers will be able to upgrade the Network Stack and Cisco DNA license levels (for example, -E to -A license upgrade). Customers will be credited for the remainder of the term. Customers will purchase the upgrade license and then reach out to CPS (Cisco Partner Services) to initiate the upgrade process, which includes the license-level upgrade and credit.

Note that a license cannot be upgraded at the time of purchase..."


so where is the SKU for the Network Stack Licence upgrade ?


I apologise if I am missing something obvious.... and also thanks again for prompt replies 


as per i know this what I have used in most case :


C9500-DNA-L-E-5Y    Its typo error.





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But isn't that the 'Essentials' level licence ?

Can anyone else chime in here ?


i BB I appreciate all your input but we seem to looped back in a circle here LOL. (Or apologies if I am missing the obvious here)


Can I just ask you BB if have you actually done a Licence upgrade from Essentails to Advantage?


i was not sure why it was not clear to you, I believe you confused with the traditional License model of Cisco. (if you have called now to  Cisco partner, Partner might have clarified in few words with Licence Model).


Cisco DNA License Upgrade


Cisco by default if you purchased the device with essential -  Cisco DNA Essentials (subscription) and Network Essentials (perpetual). If you were to upgrade to Cisco DNA Advantage and Network Advantage through the 3y/5y /7y upgrade SKU you need to order one and associate in your account to the smartnet portal and you will be entitled to 3 /5/7years  Network Advantage.




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It appears that the original part number you posted for the upgrade is correct. (C9500-DNA-16X-E-A).

On the ordering, guide look under this section all the way to almost at the end of the page.

"Upgrade from Essentials to Advantage"


C9500 DNA 16P10G Upgrade License

Overall, Cisco does not make licensing easy enough to understand. You almost need a PhD. to understand Cisco licensing and even with that, you may not be able to figure it out :-). As more and more organizations moving to a cloud-based solution, Cisco and other hardware vendors are finding out that their business is declining rapidly.



C9500 DNA 16P10G Upgrade License