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catalyst 3550 Privat-VLAN

Bart Kersten
Level 1
Level 1


I was about to purchase a 3560 for my home lab to do private VLANS because I read that 3550s do not supprt pvlan. Till my suprise i can see the commands to do a private-vlan configuration on my 3550:

(config-vlan)#private-vlan ?

  association       Configure association between private VLANs

  community         Configure the VLAN as a community private VLAN

  isolated          Configure the VLAN as an isolated private VLAN

  primary           Configure the VLAN as a primary private VLAN

  twoway-community  Configure the VLAN as a two way community private VLAN

Can any tell me why everyone says their not supported though the commands are availble?

Thanks in advance


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Peter Paluch
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Bart,

The IOS is obviously compiled from a common code base that is shared also for Catalyst 3560 and similar platforms. That is why you see the commands actually present. However, if you try to define a Private VLAN (either primary or secondary) and exit the VLAN configuration mode, you will get a platform error message, indicating the switch hardware could not be programmed for the Private VLAN operation.

Private VLANs require hardware support, and if the underlying platform has no hardware provisions for supporting Private VLANs, they will not be available even if the switch IOS itself has the management features built in, as is in your case. True, the Private VLAN management commands should have not been enabled in the IOS for your platform but it's just the way it is...

Best regards,


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