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Resolved! ASA 5505 Help

I am pretty much stuck on this and fairly new. I hope somebody can help and thanks in advance.I have a ASA 5505 behind my modem, using an network of the ASA, I can ping the modem, I also can ping the providers DNS s...

Nexus 7000 vrf lite leakage

Hello,We are installing Nexus 7K as a data center switch. It is necessary to have VRF lite configured to separate routing tables between some VLANs. There need to be some visibility between some VRFs and global routing table. Is it possible to import...

vciric by Beginner
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ACL triggered event?

Hi all,I'm trying to enforce a triggered EEM applet with an ACL rule. Is this even possible? I've been searching for weeks, but the closest thing I can find is using an SNMP evenst, which isn't what I'm looking for. I've looked at the list of event t...

carrollha by Beginner
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Testing Console Cable Max Length

After freeing up some CAT6 to our networking closets, I decided to see if I could make a console cable through our patch pannels and see how long it can go.  I tested all speeds (9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200) from the networking closet that's th...

Resolved! IPv6 on LANs

I manage a decent size LAN(s) with several VLANs via IPv4. I’m beginning to research IPv6 to determine if and when my organization may need to begin migrating. After much searching, I’m still having a problem finding an answer to the first and most b...

3750 Switch stack port flapping

Hi guys,Need some advice.I keep getting link flaps on my stack. Not sure where is the issue.Powered down and checked all cables and connectivity but issue still there.   Switch #    Port 1       Port 2  --------    ------       ------    1           ...

Jagan1976 by Beginner
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Resolved! Redundant Switch for Server Farm

Guys,this is a Design question. I saw server farm designed with top of the rack design where 2 Cisco 3750 used as a stack for redundancy. Then they were connected to 6500. Now my question is is there any way we can use any L2 switch as server farm in...

sugatada9 by Beginner
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