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Catalyst 3560x SFP Fibre to media converter


I'm trying to upgrade some of the netwotk in my workplace.
To do this I have istalled a 24port Catalyst 3560X switch.
I'm looking to link it to my exsisting network via fibre.

I spoke to a local Cisco supplyer who recomended the above switch and an Allied Telesis Media converter.

I cannot seem to get the Allied Telesis unit to connect to the cisco switch.
I have proved the fibre link by connecting 2 AT Media converters over the fibre.

Do I have to enable something on the Catalyst switch or is the AT Media converter not compatible with the Catalyst switch?

Thanks in advance, Colin

Rising star

This is reported on cisco site:

Q. Do the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches interoperate with SFPs from other vendors?

A. Yes, starting from 12.2(25)SE release, the user has the option via CLI  to turn on the support for 3rd party SFPs. However, the Cisco TAC will  not support such 3rd party SFPs. In the event of any link error  involving such 3rd party SFPs the customer will have to replace 3rd  party SFPs with Cisco SFPs before any troubleshooting can be done by  TAC.

Probably is the same with 3560 but in my experience not all AT SFP are compatible.



I suppose my question is:
Will this set up work or does it need to be a Cisco Fibre SFP on both ends of the fibre link?

This is my current set up and the Allied Telesis media converter tells me that the link is connected but there is no activity.

If I link up an Allied Telesis ether side and connect the switch via cat5 it is quite happy, but I want to do away with the copper link.

Thanks, Colin


Looks like there is a compatibillity issue between AT SFP's and Cisco SFP's.

Changed both to Cisco and everything is rosey.

I'll need to get n to my supplier and return the AT SFP's for Cisco's.

Cheers, Colin

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