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Catalyst 4500 4200W Power Supply Requirements

Level 1
Level 1

I am new to understanding the power requirements for these devices. I have been using the power calculator tool and reading the 4500 installation guide here, which outlines the power supply requirements.


I would like to run a 4200W power supply with dual 120 inputs. To me the document is straight forward regarding this:


"Each chassis power supply should have its own dedicated, fused-branch circuit"


To me this means we need a total of two circuits. Both inputs on power supply A would connect to circuit 1, both inputs on power supply B could connect to circuit 2.


However, some folks are adamantly suggesting we need 4 circuits, on per power supply input. They are suggesting that the document is not correct. Other folks are suggesting that we could run two circuits, where input 1 on power supply A is connected to circuit 1, and input 2 is not connected to anything. Same for power supply B but on circuit 2.


I simply don't understand how they are coming to these conclusions. Has anyone here run a 4200W with dual 120 inputs? If so, what is the recommended number of circuits and plug configuration per circuit/psu?


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Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame

The 4200 has 2 AC-inp