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Cisco 1941 Ethernet Load Balance Question


I'm setting up a lot of small remote sites that are only reachable via VHF ethernet radios that operate at 32k.  I'm going to be using 2 of these radios shooting to two seperate base station radios to provide diversity.  I'm going to have a Cisco 1941 sitting between the two radios and the way I have it configured now is to only use one radio and the second is only sitting there in case the primary fails.  I was thinking though that I could load balance them to give a little more throughput.  The devices at these sites are really low speed but we like to use snmp to monitor everything that is ethernet so I wanted to give as much bandwidth as I can. 

Will load balancing work in this situation?  What would the basic configuration be?  This is all internal to our network so there are no ISPs to deal with.  We're using C1900-UNIVERSALK9-M IOS will that work or will I need to change that?

Thanks in advance.


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Two equal routes, either static or from a routing protocol should result in link load sharing.  Use the "track" option to the "ip route" command and an "SLA" to implement a health monitor on the links. 

Use "show ip cef" to see which path the traffic is taking or check traffic stats with "show interface".

You would have to set routes on the other side to get load sharing on the inbound traffic.

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