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Cisco 9600 upgrade



We just received our new Cisco 9600 swtiches and I tried to upgarde them the version 17.2.1.


I followed the procedure from this Release Note


Everything seems to work fine except from point number 5.


Step 5 	

upgrade rom-monitor capsule golden switch

Use this command to upgrade the ROMMON version. After you enter the command, confirm upgrade at the system prompt.

For more information about this, see ROMMON Upgrades, in this document.

Switch# upgrade rom-monitor capsule golden switch active R0 
This operation will reload the switch and take a few minutes to complete. Do you want to proceed (y/n)? [confirm]y
Initializing Hardware...
output truncated

The command "upgrade rom-monitor capsule golden switch active R0" is not available., Catalyst 9000

If I do a show ver/show module the version is well 17.2.1 except for the Fw column from "show module" it's still 17.1.1.

I supposed I have to run the previous command to upgrade the Fw (rom-mon ?). If yes what's command will do the job as the one from the procedure is not available.


For information we are using 2 supervisor in the switches and at the moment the switch is simply running alone without network connection (so no stackwise at the moment).


Thanks for your help.





VIP Mentor



 Sorry here goes again : Perhaps you can try command completion suggestion such as upgrade rom-monitor ?


Sorry I did not enough describe what I did.


I check the auto completion and that's what available:


upgrade rom-monitor capsule golden R0 (description: Upgrades the ROMMON of the Route Processor (RP) slot 3.)

upgrade rom-monitor capsule golden R1 (description: Upgrades the ROMMON of the Route Processor (RP) slot 4.)

upgrade rom-monitor capsule golden RP active/passive (description: active : Specifies the active switch / standby : Specifies the standby switch.)


Do I have to execute both R0/R1 command or RP active/passive commande in order to upgrade both sup and line card. The most similar command compare to the one in the release notes is RP active/passive, maybe the "switch_number" is only needed if stackwise is configured.

@marce1000thanks but this not helped me much.

As it's the first time I worked with C9XXX series can you correct me if I'm wrong.

When issuing a show module on a 9600 (example from the net)


Mod MAC addresses                    Hw   Fw           Sw                 Status
2   7872.5DEC.6A80 to 7872.5DEC.6AFF 0.5  16.11.1r[FC2] BLD_V1611_THROTTLE ok 

The FW and SW must be indentical. In my 9600 I have FW=17.1.1 and SW=17.2.1
On the one I didn't upgrade yet both are identical.
Is the FW equal to rom-mon version ? Is the command "upgrade rom-monitor capsule golden R0|R1" will upgrade the "FW" to match SW ? Also for my line card ?