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Cisco Nexus 5ks EIGRP and Policy routing question.


We just got installed a METRO LINK between our primary and secondary data center (Site-A <> Site-B) I would like to be able to route data replication between these two sites over that link, instead of going over MPLS.  We run EIGRP internally and BGP to the MPLS (typical scenario)

At first I thought about doing ‘Policy Based Routing’ with IP SLA to be able to track and route traffic coming from the bound to and track link state with IP SLA in case the metro link would go down;  data replication would continue to flow over MPLS.

In researching this, I found out that Cisco NX-5ks and 6Ks don’t support IP SLA and there is no telling if they will support it any time in future releases either.

I haven’t turned on routing (EIGRP)  between the two 5ks over the metro link yet. 

Also, I don’t want to statically route replication traffic over the link unless I have to. It would have to  be a manual change in case I need to re-route it over the MPLS.

See attached drawing

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Chris Izatt

can you calculate the metrics of the two different links for EIGRP? 

Once you have that you would know which one EIGRP would say is the best path. Then if the MPLS link is not the primary path then you can use Offset-list to force the traffic to and from subnets and still have failover with EIGRP. 

I hope I understood your problem correctly. 

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