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Cisco WS-C4510R+E enable password recovery


Hello all,

We recently had a client who lost their IT manager. Unfortunately, we weren't provided the console password for the Cisco core switch. I am working on trying to get back access to this and wondering the best way to go about the process. Can we do password recovery with scheduled downtime but not setting back to factory defaults?


I've found this for reference so that's where i'm starting but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

 Password recovery - Cisco Community


Thank you,

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Leo Laohoo
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Console into switch and reboot.  Post the entire boot-up process. 

I am looking for a sign if Password Recovery is disabled or not.

If this feature is disabled, if a password recovery activity is conducted the switch will deliberately erase the config.

The original post was very specific in its focus on console access. I wonder if there might be a user name and password that someone knows which might provide access using telnet/SSH?

Another question would be whether there is any network management system implemented that might archive config information or perhaps provide access using SNMP to retrieve information from the core switch?



@Richard Burts wrote:
perhaps provide access using SNMP to retrieve information from the core switch?

Depends entirely on the previous and current network manager.  

Although this is not going to be the first time I have seen a recently terminated staff locking up the network.

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