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Consideration for Health Care Project

Hello all,


One of the customer from Health Care sector, is looking for DC based on 100G (uplinks) backbone between Spine and Leaf.

I am wondering what factors to be considered for uplinks during designing the network for Health & Care Environment ?

I have impression that 100G is too high, 40G should be enough, I need to prove technically and convince customer.




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Re: Consideration for Health Care Project



whether you need 40G or 100G should depend on the amount of traffic that is being transferred. Do you have any insight regarding what traffic the customer will have (e.g. voice/video) ?

One factor to consider is obviously cost. A 100G link is more expensive, you also need more expensive hardware to support 100G.

So basically the question is: what does the customer need, and what is the budget ?

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Re: Consideration for Health Care Project

Hello @conie saga

Just like to add - given that this is ACI design consideration possibly submit this to the Data Center - Application Centric Infrastructure page where its better suited to be answered 

kind regards

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Re: Consideration for Health Care Project

To add to other post, costing is too high on hardware, until there is requirement identified.

why not look exiting utilisation and most of the organisation good enough for 10GB, people just as fancy ask for 40GB and 100B, my point of view it is simply waste of investment ( and you need to maintain same spares if required).


If requirement is 40GB i would rather bundle with 4x10GB - instead of single 40GB port.


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Re: Consideration for Health Care Project

I will not add much on this, as the gentlemen mentioned the important points.

However, in healthcare domain, I saw many architectures that were suffering congestion and high utilization while they were using 10G and 40G, but the golden question is, what was that platform or architecture required that very high bandwidth?

The answer is, the architecture were relying on core block which is responsible for all Campus and DC traffic routing, especially the Video traffic (a lot of sources / divisions) had video capability along with huge CCTV network.

so, simply, go to your customer, get insight on the current setup, collect statistics (mostly will be from the NMS app) and do the analysis required on that.


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