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Hi ,   i have two link in my company first link 20M download 20M upload , second link  20M download 1M upload . i have create a PBR to forward some users to to go through second link  .   My Question is there any way to chose the first link for only ...

shadow by Beginner
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What is the equivalent command of ‘show control-plane host open-ports’ on ISR4000? Closest I found is "show ip sockets", which gives me raw ports at the moment.   show inv NAME: "Chassis", DESCR: "Cisco ISR4331 Chassis"   show version Cisco IOS XE ...

jogolev by Beginner
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Hi,   This switch (made in 2004) is rebooting at random time and I would like to update a firmware. Could you please post a download link as I cannot find this specific version ?   E-E011-04-0318(a)   Thank you Christian

kbc.london by Beginner
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Hi & aloha - first time reaching out for some help..    I have a server online that recently moved to a new space and is currently on a new switch. Since the move, I have been unable to ping / access the server from our user vlan -70.  From the core ...

kathaleya by Beginner
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Hi..Must i use even number of GE ports (2,4,6 etc) when bundling them to form a GEC. If i bundle 3 GE ports together, will i get 3Gbps bandwidth ? Or GEC only works when grouping even number of ports together ?ThanksEng Wee

e-chuah by Beginner
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Hello all, We've recently developed a logging message on our 4510. Threshold_violation: T7/2: Rx Power Low alarm; Operating Value: -40.0 dBm, Threshold Value: -31.5 dBm   We have plenty of fiber tools to check this that are calibrated. We are even th...

If you've got a 1 gigabit switch with individual gigabit ports, 1 gigabit network cards, Cat 6 and Cat 7 cables over a very short distance (10m) but the router is a 1 megabit; are you bound to the speed of the megabit or gigabit? DHCP is being used. ...

Long story short, we are cleaning up, optimizing and introducing new QoS policies within our WAN. We are a large enterprise, with a mainly Cisco UC VOIP environment, however we have some one offs that are Avaya.   The original class map was: class-ma...