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Copy tftp problems...

Hello guys,

I have a silly problem, I can not copy an firmware from tftp Server to CME, some suggestion??

Note:No firewall, No antivirus, ther is comunication between CME and PC(Server tftp) in both directions, Path is OK,

I attach the evidence.


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Your tftp client at UC520 uses IP address and not as you believe so tftp server sends reply most likely to DG (.254) and not back to UC520. You can try to set static host route at your tftp server PC like this:

"route ADD MASK"

retry the tftp copy and see if there is any progress.

Best regards,


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Collin Clark

I would say the two most common resolutions are either the TFTP service is not running or is hung or the path/file name are incorrect. I would also try (and suggest) using FTP or SCP.

Cisco Employee


Please make sure that the path typed for copying is correct.


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I see from the output that we are trying to copy a .zip file.

Can you extract the file and give the entire path while copying.

Usually if the file is a directory we need to give the folder path as well in the tftp.

for example if the file is c:/test.tar


Hope this helps.



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Problem persist yet, using now a simple text file of 4 KB... I attach another picture


Assuming that we provide the correct path of the file, this could happen either the antivirus software is blocking the tftp traffic or the tftp service is not turned on.

We can check that by turning on the wireshark software pc and capture the packets while initiating the copy process from the switch.

From the wireshark output we can isolate who is dropping the requests.

could you please let me know which TFTP software you are using?

Can you try using other software or try from other pc.

Let me know your thoughts on the above.



Hi Somasundaram

Here, Im using a diferent TFTP server (a cisco Server) and using the wiresark

My server is

and the CME is

there is no firewall neither anti-virus

Hi IngGerardo,

Would like to clarify again....."No firewall neither anti-virus"....................Have you disabled windows firewall too ?

Also..........i hope you have placed the required file in the root tftp directory...........please confirm by providing the path of your root tftp directory on windows.

You can verify your root tftp directory in preferences or settings or options menu in your tftp application.


If your root tftp directory is "C:\" then you have to place the file in the C:\ and then only the file can be accessed.

May be you have it set it up right way, but just we would like to confirm it.

Ok, let me show the imagesss...

no windows firewall

no antivirus

This is the pic that shows that the problem is not my lap-top neither the firewall:

I copied the same file using the same tftp server (software) with other device (a switch) and it worked!!

How big is this firmware?  If it's >16mb then use TFTPd32/TFTPd64.

The firmware is 2.79MB, and tests made (showed in the previous figures), its using a test.txt file of 40KB..

This could be a well known issue:

On the tftp server, the filename you want to write to must exist, with appropriate access rigths.


chmod 666

This is true for most linux implementations and also for windows version following the standard.

Please give it a try.



ammm... in what part of the server???....tnks


If its happening with switch and there must be some problem in CME side.

Ok. Lets try this way....

Till now u failed to copy from your TFTP to CME.  Can you try copying from CME to TFTP..........lets say running config to TFTP ?    copy runnning-config tftp

Is this success ?

not, tomorrow in the network I will try it that, now Im in my home...