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Deleting VLAN's

Michael Sales

Hi everyone,

6500 series core connecting multiple 3500 and 3550 series L2 switches. a non-cisco tech needed 25 vlans created on the core switch and typed "int vlan 1 - 250" instead creating 250 vlans. due to VTP, all the switches received 250 vlans.

What is the easiest way to delete all of the unused vlans all at once on my L2 switches?. there is no "range" command within the vlan database.

what do i do now...manually removed 250 vlans with the "no vlan #" Help????

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I think your all vlans are in same VTP Domain.

(The default is the NONE VTP domain.)

So you can use vtp function to all your switches.

But I think you must configure VTP pruning

at your all each switches.(?・ω・`)

This is my head trip!

Hi haa*

Yes..all the vlans are in one VTP domain.

Unfortunatly, 25 vlans are currently in use. Some switches are using vlan 1 and 3 while others are using 1, 2 and 200 etc. deleting all and starting over would be a critical mistake at this point.

would pruning still be a solution?


I think you have it a little confused ,layer 3 interfaces (interface vlan XX) cannot be propagated to other switches , i believe you are saying that he created 250 layer 2 vlans which is totally different which if you are running a client/server environment just needs to be deleted on the server switch and this will propagate down to the client switches . Don't know if your core is hybrid or native . If hybrid just do a "clear vlan xx-xx (where xx is the vlan range) " command for the vlans you want to delete . If native from config mode try "no vlan xx-xx . Not positive if it will take more than 1 at a time but I would think it would , once deleted off the server they will disappear off the client switches . If you need to get rid of layer 3 interfaces from the config mode just type "no int vlan XX " .

Hi glen,

your correct..these are L2. the core is IOS with MSFC 15 and 16. I belive all the switches are "transp" on the domain. removing them from the core would propogate with VTP management packets removing from each switch.

let me look at this again and see how it goes.

Thanks for the post!

Hi glen,

I cannot delete more than one at a time from the MSFC modules. both the "no int vlan " or the "clear vlan" do not have range options.

I believe it would be easy if I had this option anywhere. I may have to manually remove them one by one at both MSFC15 and 16.

any other idea's?


I apologize, I did remove these vlans on both the sup and msfc modules but, they are not being removed from the switches. I checked vtp domain info and they are all set to the correct domain and configured as transparent. Trunking is enabled on the fiber uplink ports back to the core.

what would I be doing wrong?

Jon Marshall
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If your switches are configured as transparent then you have to delete the vlans you want removed on each switch that those vlans occur. There are 3 vtp modes server, client and transparent. Transparent means that you can add, remove vlans but only locally on the switch ie. the changes you make to that switch do not get propogated to other switches.

What is confusing is that if your'e switches are all transparent then the 1 - 250 L2 vlans should only exist on the switch they were created on and should not have propogated to your other switches.

Just did a quick check on IOS and CatOS. Created 3 vlans 501,502,503

CatOS - clear vlan 501-503

IOS no vlan 501-503

Both worked for me.



It is confusing if they are all transparent then he would have had to manually create all those vlans on each and every switch , it could not have been propagated from any 1 switch .

Hi glen,

you and Jon came to the same confusing question. how come? when they were configured as transparent. I think the tech reconfigured afterwards.

I will have to manually remove all then switches.

Thanks for all your help.

Hi jon,

your right. if they were all configured as transparent, why did the switches get the vlans? maybe the tech reconfigured them afterwards realizing his mistake. At this point I will have to remove them manually.

Hi Jon,

I believe my IOS won't work. I have the following:

C3500XL-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5)WC3b

It really should be up to WC13 for

"no vlan #-#" to work. I will upgrade and try it again.

Or set them all to vtp mode client and let the vtp make changes. This maybe the easiest solution.

Thanks for your help

In the 3500 you have to go into the vlan database to get rid of them .

At the prompt type " vlan database " and this puts you into database config mode and you can delete them from there . You cannot delete them from the global config in these old switches , this config is in a separate file called the vlan.dat file .

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