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Draytek HA force failover


Hi guys,

Just a bit of sanity check here.
As I have two Vigor 2860 series.
HA is set up between both. as the Primary LAN1 interface as the Secondary LAN1 interface as the VIP

Both routers have been set up as a DHCP server.

Currently we have an issue with one of the primary WAN ISP.
Now in order for the traffic to failover to the Secondary, there should be no internet reachability on the primary router. But the primary is getting a PPP from the ISP, however an issue on the exchange.

So now we have no access to the Primary router, nor the switch (unmanaged).
We are trying to forcefully failover the traffic to the secondary by disabling the HA setting, and unticking the VIP of on the secondary router.
Then manually assigning that VIP of to the Secondary LAN1 interface, to force L3 traffic that way.
However, that of course did not work.
If I am not mistaken, the L2 arp cache, will still point to the primary router.
Will it work after rebooting the switch and PC's?
As another one of my colleagues is saying that DHCP will still be handed out by the primary router. And those that got their IP from the primary router will get DHCP requests, default gateway, DNS, etc.
But not internet.

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MHM Cisco World
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the HSRP must config with tracking the WAN interface and change the priority to make other Peer to be active.


DHCP must send to client the default GW as VIP of HSRP not router IP.

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