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Error uploading files to router using tftp server

Hi, I hope you can help me with this. I've testing several tftp servers in my pc windows 7, and i've got the same error , the last test was using solar winds tftp server. I created a folder in C unit, to store tftp's files, the ip addresses are detected automatically once you start solarwinds. In the folder I created,

C:\TFTP-Root I have a test file "jaja.txt", and I can send it without problems to the router using tftptftpflash.jpg

But the error comes when I try to send a file to the tftp folder from the router, for example, the running-config, in the router appears an unknown error message.


In wireshark, exploring the packet, it says that is a security problem.


This error also appeared when I used tftpd32 and the tftp's windows client and in all of them, wireshark pointed out that the mistake was for the security rules. I've also tried the same using another form of the command: copy startup-config tftp://  and nothing. The firewall is deactivated, so that couldn't be the reason.

Please, I need some help, i've searched in google and there's not a reference to this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Error uploading files to router using tftp server

It surely sounds to me like it is some issue with your PC or with its Windows 7 software, or with a firewall. It is pretty clear that it is allowing files to be read from the PC but is not allowing a write to the PC. Are you sure that there is no firewall running? If you are sure that there is no firewall then is it possible that Windows 7 has some other security policy that does not allow a write to the hard drive?



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Error uploading files to router using tftp server

Does the user running the tftp server process on the Windows 7 have administrative credentials?

I just used by preferred tftp daemon (tftpd32) to transfer from a switch to my desktop without problem.

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