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Geeting technical support from Cisco RE 4431


Can anyone help explain to me how to get technical help regarding the specification of the Cisco 4431 from Cisco Technical Support please?

I am working on a project for anew product we are designing for a customer who has specified a Cisco 4431, I need more information about this unit but Cisco technical support won't answer as we are not a customer! The fact we are never going to be unless they talk to us and they are saying goodbye to sales of hundreds of units doesn't bother them.

They are insisting I ask the question to their "partners". I have contacted 20 of these with no response so far.

My question is:

Our customer has specified a Cisco 4431 router in a product we are developing for them , but wants to use it up to an altitude of 3500m where as the Cisco specification specifies 3050 m operational and 4750 non operational. Can you clarify what is the limiting factor behind the operational altitude and what the effects of higher altitude are?

I would be very grateful if anyone could answer this question or let me know how I can get Cisco to answer the question.


Richard Brooks


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Correct I am speaking as a Representative of Cisco and stating that operation above the altitude stated in the datasheet is outside of the stated safety conformance of UL 60950-1. The environmental specifications in the datasheet are the definitive limits of operation from a safety and conformance standpoint.

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Leo Laohoo
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I'm going to ask the moderators to find someone from Cisco product team to "reach out" to you. 

Hang tight. 

Best Regards/Leo


Thank you for letting us know about this question.


Thank you for promptly providing the answer. We appreciate it.


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