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How can I route on 2960X using EIGRP?


I'm new to the networking world and I'm trying to catch up quickly because we're short staffed here.  Before our networking guy left he ordered 3 2960Xs and an ISR 4451 for a small branch site.  Other branches have 3850s as the core at there sites. The other switches route fine using EIGRP and can communicate throughout the network.  The 2960X can't I assume.  Is there a way I can let the network know my 10.x.x.x/24 (data vlan) is down here at the switch?  The 4451 is in a WAN EIGRP configuration so it's getting around the network fine and it's directly connected to one interface on the 2960 but that's where reachability stops.  I've set up an SVI for my data vlan but I can't ping it.  Any ideas?

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The switch would need to a host IP and a default gateway assignment, the latter being on the 4451.

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Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame Master
If I recall correctly, a 2960X, with the right software (and/or license?) supports some very basic routing, but assuming you only use the 2960X as a L2 switch, you would provision an interface as the gateway for the /24 on the 4451 and connect that interface to the 2960X. (If you want to have multiple networks, you create a trunk on the 2960X and an interface with subinterfaces on the 4451.)

If you define a SVI, on the 2960X, excluding enabling routing on the switch, it would only be used for switch management, and would be a host IP on a network hosted by the 4451.

Thanks Joseph I think I see what you're saying...I believe my version only supports the lan based routing so there in lies the problem.  With the 2960XR you'll get the L3 routing capability.  I did enable ip routing on the switch and will actually have my voice and data vlans set up there (/24 and a /25).  Right now I'm directly connected to the 4451 through an interface that has a /30 ip address between the 2 which is on a separate vlan.  I'm thinking if I trunk everything to that router I'd have to use that management interface thus removing the /30 address, and setting up my sub interfaces on the router.  Is that what you are thinking?

"Is that what you are thinking?"


Jon Marshall
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VIP Community Legend

You can do that or if your switch is doing basic routing you could use static routes eg - 


on the switch - 


"ip route <router /30 IP>"


on the router for each of the vlans on your switch - 


"ip route  <subnet> <subnet mask>  <switch /30 IP>"


and then redistribute those statics into EIGRP eg. 


router eigrp <AS no> 

redistribute static 


Up to you really. 




What Jon shows, will of course work too. As to which to go use, if you were expecting "heavy" traffic between the branch VLANs, I would use Jon's approach, as it takes advantage of L3 switch performance. However, with only a data and VoIP VLANs, I would expect almost or all traffic to flow in/out the 4451, so I would let it do the routing and leave the switches just be L2 switches.

That said, Jon is also correct saying "Up to you really."

Also Joseph when I removed my /30 ips and trunked that interface connecting the router and the switch with my data and voice vlan making the sub interfaces on the router my gateway I lost my ability to ping from or to the switch.

The switch would need to a host IP and a default gateway assignment, the latter being on the 4451.

Yes I put the default gateway for the switch as the address of the sub interface on my router.  I added the next available address on the subnet as the vlan ip address for my data vlan.  The switch interface is set to trunk my data and voice vlans as well.

OK putting the sub interfaces on the router did the trick Joseph. It didn't work originally because I fat fingered it. Thanks guys

Neat. Thanks for letting us know.

Hey thank you!!

Hey guys had to step away for a minute.  Jon I tried the static routes and redistributing into eigrp since I figured that was the quickest

but my data vlan is up/down so I can't even ping it.  I do know I can't assign 2 vlans to one access port so how would I get my data vlan to a state of up/up?

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